The increased focus on actionable data has led to a corresponding rise in strategic thinking in sales operations. The State of Sales report reveals that 89% of sales professionals think that sales ops plays a critical role in business growth. Sales teams are valued because they're wizards at selling and bringing in essential revenue.
Salesforce orgs need backup. And yet, for various reasons, many people assume their Salesforce data is safe. Unfortunately, none of those reasons bear any scrutiny. Here's why you need to think about backup. Salesforce outages cause data loss The idea that Salesforce data is stored 'in the cloud' can lead some to a false sense of security.
The RemoteTogetherNZ festival is gaining momentum with several organisations and experts added to the line up. The Queenstown-based festival, which runs 8 to 13 March, aims to help promote New Zealand Aotearoa as a global leader in remote and flexible work best practices.
Zulily isn't your typical online retail outlet-it's all about discovery and a fun, exciting shopping experience. Our customers don't come to us for a transactional purchase. They want to find the next great deal on designer shoes for themselves, a gift for a loved one, or a great kitchen item for their household.
There is no doubt that the breakout of the pandemic has transformed the way in which we work, use digital technology, and interact with each other. Despite these unprecedented times, customers still seek immediate and expedited service. Luckily, Salesforce has yet again rolled out an incredible new feature that will deliver service anytime and anywhere you are while helping people feel completely safe!