Recently I have been testing a new tool created by the people at Salesforce. The tool is called JARM and what it does is query TLS instances (HTTPS servers and services) to create a fingerprint of their TLS configuration.
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The big news this week (last week of November 2020) is that Salesforce are in "advanced talks" about acquiring Slack. While I wasn't expecting this particular deal, I was expecting something of this nature, but I thought it would be in the realm of video rather than chat and they would try to buy Zoom.
Many businesses have bought into CRM, of course. It isn't an 80-billion-dollar industry for nothing. Still, there's a disconnect between the wonderful features and functions of new technologies and the realities of how companies use them -- or not. Only about a quarter of organizations use CRM appropriately.
Where Ireland's surface was once 80% covered by native forests, less than 2% now remains We live in a world where companies and individuals are becoming more socially responsible to help look after each other and the planet. At Salesforce, we pride ourselves on being a business committed to making the world a better place....