Salesforce Sales Cloud is touted as the world’s #1 CRM and for good reasons. It streamlines all business processes and workflows giving full control to the leadership team to work on their core business objectives. To empower its customers with a host of extended features and benefits, Salesforce introduced AppExchange in 2005, not just for Sales Cloud but for their entire suite of products.

What is AppExchange?

AppExchange is the official marketplace for Salesforce customers to discover and access apps, consultants, and much more to enhance the overall Salesforce experience.


Salesforce that 88% of Salesforce customers have installed at least one solution from AppExchange with total app installations exceeding over 6.5 million.

Here’s what you can find on AppExchange.

  • Apps
    These are ready-to-install third party applications for businesses and nonprofits. Some are paid while some are free.
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  • Components
    Components are pre-built modules that can help you build your own custom business apps quickly even without much coding expertise.
  • Bolt Solutions
    These are industry specific templates mostly built by Salesforce partners to reduce the time to market.
  • Lightning Data
    Lightning Data is an easy, reliable and native way to datasets from third party applications to Salesforce without the need of complex APIs
  • Flow Solutions
    Flows can be used as the building blocks to automate business processes. They are pre-packaged, can be customized to specific needs and are faster to deploy in comparison with starting from ground zero.
  • Consultants
    This is a comprehensive list of Salesforce approved consulting and implementation partners across the globe. As on June 2020, there are around 1440Salesforce consulting companies

Choosing the right app for your organization

AppExchange is a vast marketplace featuring 3000 plus apps, plugins and systems exclusively meant to empower businesses to get more out of their CRM investment and extend Sales Cloud functionalities irrespective of departments or industries. According to a as of last year! Salesforce report, Nearly 90% of Salesforce customers- SMB and enterprises businesses, are taking advantage of the AppExchange marketplace. So it’s not surprising to know that it has been installed more than 5,000,000 times

Of course, at first glance, it may seem overwhelming to you with so many cool apps and proprietary systems to choose from. For starters, you can always check on the following details while searching for a particular Sales Cloud app from the AppExchange search listing:

  • Average user ratings;
  • Previous reviews from customers who have already installed the SFDC app;
  • Editions- Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited etc;
  • Price of the product – Free, Paid or Discounted for non-profits;
  • Your pain points, for example – Improving sales rep productivity, better sales team collaboration, proposals management etc.

Speaking of pain points, be rest assured that for every sales need that you have, there is an app in this ever growing digital storehouse.

Here are 10 of our favorite apps which can help you improve your entire sales cycle.

1) D&B Optimizer


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The D&B Optimizer helps sales teams derive strong customer data from multiple sources which can then be used to prioritize critical accounts. It can be used to uncover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with greater visibility into family trees and corporate hierarchies. Also, D&B Optimizer is refreshed every 15 days and updated 5 million times a day which is a great plus. But be mindful that it requires users to gain access to a Common Data Service environment and an active subscription for Dun & Bradstreet services.

2) Ring DNA


A leading CTI for inside sales teams, it combines many features such as telephony, SMS, automated voicemail, call scripts, call recording and conversation intelligence. The local presence feature is a key highlight which empowers sales teams to automatically call domestic and international prospects with local area codes. So even if you are dialling prospects away from your base location, there is a higher chance of them picking up the calls since they see a local caller ID. Also, the drag and drop built IVR & ACD aids in maximising inbound call conversions.

Saves the precious time of sales rep as it helps in automatically dialing numbers once added to the list. Pros
Great local calling presence.

Easy to set up.

3) VanillaSoft


VanillaSoft is a companion integration app exclusively meant for organizations who do a major share of their selling over the phone. It simplifies outbound sales processes and enables sales reps to respond to new leads quickly across various channels and derive fruitful sales opportunities. VanillaSoft converts Sales Cloud into a powerful sales call tool with real time integration, scripting, call recording and call routing facilities.

4) Geopointe


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Geopointe combined with Google Maps enables sales teams to turn their Salesforce data into valuable geographical insights. It’s extensive breadth of features helps in powerful route planning and optimization, territory management, geographic analysis and automatic lead assignment based on location.

Great geographic visualisation
Powerful route planning
Salesforce mobile ready

5) Salesforce Maps


The Salesforce Map App developed by Salesforce Maps boosts field productivity and sales performance with location intelligence. It helps field reps to visualize accounts and other related Salesforce data on a map and enables them to create schedules and routes for field sales. This way, they can prioritize their sales territory efforts on critical accounts in very less time while on the road.

6) Docusign

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DocuSign, enables the sales team to stay connected, whether they are in the office or on the go. It helps them send signed and approved documents anytime from any device in a fast secure manner. Whether it is legal documentation or sales orders, Docusign simplifies the approval process by speeding up business workflows.

It has a simplistic layout which integrates well with Salesforce, allowing you to pull out your customer information instantly into any document and modify it directly in Salesforce. It is compatible with any device you use and you can easily send, sign and track agreements and approvals anywhere and anytime.

7) Nintex Drawloop DocGen

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Nintex Drawloop DocGen is an application designed by Nintex in 2007, which allows any and all types of document generation in Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint inside the Sales Cloud. This app helps Sales reps to effortlessly create mission critical documents such as proposals, invoices, RFPs (Request for Proposal), contracts etc without being burdened by copy pasting or switching tools. Nintex’s Drawloop DocGen offerings eliminate the manual errors that distract sales teams from focusing on more important tasks such as identifying, nurturing, and closing deals. It is the only no-code generation available on AppExchange. The drag and drop interface helps Salesforce admins create automated solutions even without any coding experience.


Check out Nintex Drawloop DocGen here

8) Salesforce CPQ

Introduced by, Salesforce CPQ is a sure shot winner among traditional CPQ applications. This Lightning-ready quote generation app can cut down your proposal creation and signature integration time to minutes. It delivers several out of the box capabilities such as pricing and discount schedule, guided selling and automatic add-ons & renewals. Customizable templates, built-in reports and dashboards are some of the key highlights of Salesforce CPQ which helps you save a lot of time while creating branded sales quotes and proposals without really leaving Salesforce. Even better, you can also integrate it with eSignature apps like DocuSign which helps in closing deals much faster.

Speeds up the sales cycle.
Strong guided selling configurations.
Very flexible and user friendly.
Streamlines the entire quoting process.
Creates error free quotes.
Users can create multiple quotes at a time.

9) Salesforce for Slack


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Slack is widely adopted among many businesses due to it’s crisp, well thought-out and refined user interface. The best part about Slack is it’s group chat facility and it’s robust integration facilities which has turned out to be a game-changer in team collaboration.

With Slack-Salesforce integration, you can notify everyone on your team whenever there is a new opportunity incoming and send a direct message on Slack. This allows the team to stay updated on leads and helps them respond faster and collaborate more efficiently. Users can also send Salesforce records directly to Salesforce channels and link important customer interactions with related Salesforce records.

Check out Salesforce for Slack here on AppExchange


10) Rollup Helper

Rollup Helper is a free Salesforce AppExchange app which rolls-up any Salesforce data such as count, sum, max, min, average, percent, lookups, text, formula, and multi-currency roll-up, without coding. It’s a great platform for admins, developers and business analysts as it helps them to stop coding where it is not necessary and focus on key business goals backed with actionable real-time data insights.

Final Wrap

The apps listed are some of the most popular ones on AppExchange. But it does not mean that all these apps are compatible and customizable with your specific requirements. During consultation, discuss with us about all possible apps that will take your Sales Cloud implementation to the next level. Whether you are looking for expert guidance on building cost effective and robust Salesforce applications or even a customized app bought from AppExchange, our team at Dazeworks can help you anytime. It’s all just one free consultation away!


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