Let’s be honest. the contribution that salesforce has given to the to the CRM industry is unmatched. Nobody thought that a CRM would offer cloud offering, but here we are in 2020, where salesforce has moved into every business sector and acted as a revenue generator for small and big business owners. So, salesforce has caused a revolution in the CRM industry that nobody imagined.

As salesforce rose to fame, the demand of being a salesforce professional gained more and more importance. As people got enlightened about the salesforce community, they were amazed to see the job satisfaction and the excellent pay that salesforce offers. In addition, people also saw the opportunity to know the technical advancements every day, since salesforce evolves each day.


So, if you are someone who in interested in being a salesforce professional, then you have come to the right place. We have formulated a list of most asked interview questions, that may come as a blessing when you are preparing for a salesforce exam. We have broken down these questions in multiple sets like set 1, set 2, set 3 and so on. This has been done, so that you don’t feel bored while learning the platforms questions. Since questions given at once makes the reader loose interest.

1.What is salesforce?

When you search on the web about salesforce, there are thousands of articles, telling you what is salesforce and what does it do. The writing is so complex that don’t learn the platform. Instead, out of disappointment you begin to search other search page results of what the platform actually is.

This is the reason; we have come with a straight answer. Salesforce is a platform that takes care of your business needs. The Software does all the operations tracking in a business for you. So that you can focusses on the important things like client meetings and business call.

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2. Can you explain salesforce subsidiaries?

You need first understand the meaning of subsidiary before knowing what is salesforce subsidiary. In corporate word, there is a parent company that has right to own other companies. In this case, salesforce acts as the parent company and its subsidiaries are Pardot, MuleSoft, Heroku, tableau, demand Inc and salesforceiq

3. What do you mean by objects in salesforce?

Understanding salesforce object is very easy. Object is a collection of fields. Consider an excel sheet of human resource team. Now the excel sheet will contain column heads like employee name, employee log in time, employee log out time. These acts as records. When you fill the records, you will get fields.

In salesforce object are classified onto two categories, one is known as standard object and the other is known as the custom object. For any personal business need you have to create a custom object hence the word custom indicating customization. Standard objects are created by default in the salesforce platform known as standard object and hence the word standard.

4. What do you understand by App in salesforce

Consider a delivery box that has got you favorite items. In salesforce, App acts a box which contains a company’s favorite items like company’s logo, name and business operations. When using salesforce, you will have the privilege to make an app according to your needs. For this you will need the help of custom tabs and standard tabs

5. Can you name different types of app we can use in salesforce?

Yes absolutely, the are two sections of app that you can create in salesforce. one is known as the console app and the other is known as custom app. Console app is designed in tackling the issues faced by the client during business.

All the corporate companies use a console app for their business needs. In case of custom app, they are mainly use by business owners who wants to develop an app that will suit their business requirements from time to time. Both of them are widely used in the market.

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6. Can you describe fields in salesforce

The answer is a resounding yes. Salesforce objects are formed by the collection of fields. Suppose as a salesforce professional, you are given the task of creating field for a company. So, your field in salesforce will look like

  • Name the company
  • Proprietor of the company
  • Created by salesforce professional 1
  • Last modified by salesforce professional 2

7. What do you mean by audit fields?

In salesforce, a term can be used in multiple ways. In this case, audit filed are nothing but another name for standard fields.

8. Can you name a latest field that has been added in salesforce?

Yes, the latest addition has been the “time “field

7. What do you mean by defaulters in salesforce

Defaulters in salesforce are nothing but data filters in salesforce.

8. Can you name an issue that salesforce professional face in joint reports

The issue of export is a challenging task that salesforce professional faced during joint reports.

9. Can you name some reports that might be present in salesforce?

A total of four reports are present in salesforce. Each report has its own individual functionality to make business productivity easier in salesforce. These are:

  1. Matrix report: A report that is formed by rows and columns
  2. Summary report: A report that is created to show the details of columns
  3. Tabular report: A report that gives company details in tabular format
  4. Joined report: A report that is formed due the mixture of any two combination of report. Like summary report plus matrix report can give you a joined report. Similarly, tabular report and matrix report can give joined report.

10. what do you understand by audit trail in salesforce

Suppose your salesforce team contains twenty members. Each member has done some changes in the project. The audit trail will address these changes made by other members to you.

In that way you will always know who modified a project at the last minute. Using the audit trail, you would get to know the change made the team member, the time of the change made and the username of the team member.

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11. What are some of the major benefits using the CRM software?

There are multiple benefits of using the CRM software. Some of the major ones will be listed below:

  • Programs present in salesforce, makes the salesforce professional to understand the needs of the customer, which helps the salesforce professional to pitch a particular product to a client.
  • One communication for all. This means during a project; all the team members can see the changes and modify material according to their convenience. No sharing of multiple URL to different team members as one URL can be used for all.
  • Reporting becomes seamless as the dashboard of salesforce uses the drag and drop feature to increase productivity.
  • Business owners have more time in concentrating in other business operations, rather than investing all the time in watching the departments for their work progress.
  • Time management and cost saving

11. In salesforce can two members have same profile?

A profile in salesforce gives you the authority to access certain record in salesforce. For instance, a salesforce member can have a profile which gives him access to sales report of the customer.

In addition, another member can also have a profile which gives them the access to sales report. So, this clearly states that two members can have the same profile in salesforce. Look at in this way, there are twenty members in the accounts departments and all the members have access to customer purchase report. So here different profiles are accessing a single record.

12. Can you state the difference between profile and role in salesforce

Role is basically the level of access that you have a salesforce. Works as any organization hierarchy. In corporate environment the CEO takes the critical decision, the management takes care of the employees and the employees does the work. Similar case goes with salesforce.

A salesforce developer, creates the application. The salesforce administrator checks if the application is user friendly and cleared of any bugs. Lastly, the salesforce consultant pitches the app to the client. Profile is made for all members so it doesn’t have a hierarchy.

13. What are the different types of relationship in salesforce?

In salesforce there are three types of relationship. One is known as the lookup relationship, the other is known as the external lookup and lastly there is master detail relationship.

14. What do you understand by master detail relationship in salesforce?

Consider a scenario where you have a child. The parent is you. In this case the relationship described as the father and the child or the mother and the child. Similarly in salesforce the master can be regarded as the parent and the detail can be regarded as the child.

When you act as the parent to a child, then you take care of the needs of the child and the behavior of the child depends on how you treat them. Same goes with salesforce, the master acts as the complete authority; if the master gets deleted then the detail gets deleted also.

When dealing with master detail relationship in salesforce, you will have the opportunity to create fields in master record which will automatically calculate the sum and average of the child

15. What do you mean by lookup relationship?

In real life, you might have seen bridges. The main function of the bridge is to connect from one end to another. Similar case happens with salesforce, here when two objects are linked to each other via medium, then it is known as lookup relationship

16. What do you understand by external lookup in salesforce?

What connects child to the parent? It’s basically the love that both have for each other. Same goes with salesforce. In order to connect the master with the detail external lookup is used. In order to determine whether the master is correctly placed with the detail, the external object of the child is compared with the external object of the parent

17. What do you understand by self relationship?

When you create an object then there is accumulation of fields. Consider an object being created for a mobile company. So the object will have columns like price of the mobile, user ratings and date it was launched. This establishes a relationship with the mobile according to its price and date of launch. This can be regarded as self relationship.

18. What do you understand by workflow in salesforce?

Workflow in salesforce is nothing but the automation functions of salesforce. Automation functions such as tracking the customer map journey, sending up follow up emails and performing other marketing activity to boost the sales of the company. In order to implement workflow in salesforce you need to make sure that certain rules and regulations are followed in salesforce.

19. Can you define a transfer record in salesforce?

The word transfer itself tells you that salesforce is talking about transferring the files from one place to another. Hence in order to move a file from one destination to another. You need permission from a salesforce professional (let’s say professional 1) to transfer it to another professional (lets say professional 2)

20. What you understand by dashboard in salesforce?

The method of representing data in visual attractive format can be termed as salesforce dashboard. When you use salesforce dashboard, collection of 20 reports can be visible.

21. What you undead by soap in salesforce?

The method of transmission of XML coded data in a seamless way can be termed as soap in salesforce

22. What is time trigger in salesforce?

In salesforce you can automate tasks for a particular time. For instance you choose a time to send emails to the client or schedule a time to pitch a product to a particular client. This is known as time trigger in salesforce

23. What are some of the actions in workflow?

Actions in salesforce are divided into four categories and these are known as outbound message, email alert, task and field update

24. What is the most important thing that you consider in master detail relationship?

The most important thing that should be considered in master detail relationship record accesses. Meaning you need to always give the authority to the master. So, when the parent gets deleted the child gets deleted too.

25. What do you understand by minipage in salesforce?

Minipage layout acts as the substitute for the page layout that is already present in salesforce. When there is a presence of mini page layout you will get to see field access settings, profile association and record type.

26. Does extra software needs to be a added in work station to use salesforce.com?

Nope, salesforce is a platform that is already build, so you just the need internet connection to get started with salesforce. Now in order to merge your word document or the internet explorer to integrate with salesforce a small plug in needs to install.

27. Can you explain governor limits in salesforce?

Since salesforce, is a multi-tenant platform, it will always have functionalities based on certain limits. Going by this concept, the limit of object in salesforce is 500. For master detail relationship is 2, and for lookup relationship is 25.

28. What do you understand by list view in salesforce?

If you are someone that wants to have the privilege to see filtered set of records like custom objects, accounts and contacts, then you take help of list view in salesforce. So in order to view records, you first need to log in into the dashboard of salesforce.

There you will find an option known as “go “which is present just beside the “all option”. When you click on the go option you will be able to create new view in salesforce, which will give you the records that is present in salesforce

29. How do you do inline editing in salesforce?

In order to do inline editing, you have go to the detail page and skip clicking the edit button. Now particular field can be edited.

30. Is there any chance we could disable inline editing ?

The answer is a resounding yes. In order to disable it, you need to follow certain steps. First you need to go to an option called setup, then after clicking setup, you have to go to customization. After that, you will be seeing an option known as user interface. Once user interface is clicked, you need to click on enable inline editing.

31. What do you understand by enhanced list view?

A method by which records can be modified can be termed as enhanced list view. Make sure that when you are in the process of modification, all the multiple records should belong from the same record type.

32. Do you know how to enable mini page layout?

Yes. In order to enable Mini page layout, we have to first go to record detail page. Once a salesforce professional starts to view lookup fields, there comes a link. When the cursor is moved towards the link, a popup window opens. The new window gives us the option of creating new fields. One a new filed is created; we see a mini page layout appearing at the side of field parent object.

33. What do you understand by lead process?

Till now, you must have known that object is the collection of fields. So in lead object, values needs to be decided by statuary fields. This process called lead process. Once the lead process is activated, you will be allowed to create record for the lead object.

34. What do you mean by sales and support process?

To create opportunity object we need pick values for stage field. This process can be termed as the sales process. Now to control these values, we need to create record type for the opportunity object. This method is called support process

35. What do you understand by web to lead?

Now in salesforce HTML code can be generated by selecting the lead filed and naming the URL in the web to lead option. Now the HTML code that is created can be used in creating any website. So when information is inputted in fields, and submit button is clicked, salesforce will automatically save fields in lead object.

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36. What is queue in salesforce?

Let us assume that you have been assigned to create objects from an e-commerce website. So an ecommerce website will have different objects such as clothing line, technology, food items and custom materials.

With the help of queue, different salesforce members can be added for each object. Here for clothing line, let’s say the number of salesforce individuals assigned is 5, for technology there is another 10, for food items there is 8. The list goes on like this. Every member becomes the owner of each object

37. What do you understand by public group?

When you want to add random ownership to an object, then that group can be termed as public group.

38. What are assignment rules in salesforce?

In salesforce, there is an automation process that manages your organization support and lead and this is called as assignment rules. There are three types of assignment rules, one is known as the case assignment rules, the other is known as the aim and the last one is known as the lead assignment

  • Lead assignment : Here the software specifies the lead after analyzing the information of the customer
  • Case assignment: Here the software tells the salesforce professional how to pitch to the client. Should be via email to case? Web to case? , customer support , lotus note and outlook
  • Aim : to create a list according to the customer needs

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39. What is auto responder in salesforce?

The process of sending automatic emails to customer can be termed as auto responder in salesforce.

40. What is escalation salesforce?

For solving customer problems, there are times when you need provide a quick solution of the case. When as a salesforce profession you cannot provide the solution, the issue is escalated to the expert and gets solved very quickly.

41. What is your thought process on salesforce economical year?

The economical year or fiscal year is defined as the income of salesforce in a particular year. So basically an economical year starts from January and ends in December. The amount of business that salesforce has done in this period of time can be counted as fiscal year and depicts the salesforce revenue.

Salesforce allows two kinds of Fiscal years-

1. Normal or standard Fiscal year- It is a period that allows estimating by following the Gregorian calendar that has 12 months structuring. Also, the starting of the fiscal year can begin with the very first day of a month belonging to a particular year.

2. Custom Fiscal year- It is majorly defined for the companies that lay their forecast based on quarterly or weekly financial planning and can also customize the same.

42. Can you state the dissimilarities between page block table tags and data table?

Inside the page block table, we can use the standard style sheets to design a visual page. A page block table needs to be defined inside the page block section. It contains an attribute called “value.” There is an automatic setting for the display of column headers.

When we talk about the data table there is no requirement for writing or defining the data table inside the page block section or page block. Also, there is no requirement of a compulsory value. In addition, the data table allows you to use custom sheets seamlessly. There is an explicit arrangement of specifying the column headers.

43. State some factors that indicate information loss in salesforce?

Information loss in salesforce is also known as data loss. Some of the factors that determine evidence loss in salesforce can be stated as follows:

  • Rapid changes in date and time.
  • Changing the data types from one to another. For example: changing the data types to percent or currency.
  • Altering from the multi-select picklist or it can be the mode of changing the checkbox, etc. to another data types.
  • The process of changing to the auto-number where the text is an exception.

44. State some junction object uses in salesforce?

A Junction object is defined as the custom object consisting of a relationship called two master-detail relationships containing two different kinds of record types.

If you are salesforce professional that wants connect multiple relationships in salesforce then junction object is your answer. Various junction objects can be proved helpful in linking one instance of a record to several children where every child can be equally linked to the other parents gradually.

In the creation of junction object, the following points are included:

1. Creation of the two master-detail relationships.

2. Customization of the related lists on the page layouts of the two master objects.

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45. Can dynamic dashboard be used in salesforce?

Yes, dynamic dashboards can be used in Salesforce. It allows the multiple users to access a dashboard instead of a single static user. For example the sales made by the users and personal quotas as well as a logged-in user can access the features of a dynamic dashboard. It allows us to display the information being tailored to a particular user.

46. Name some of the ways in which record can be shared

There are various ways in which we can share record in salesforce, they are known as OWD, manual sharing, bench-mark sharing rules, apex sharing and role hierarchy. Let’s understand each one in detail, so that we can have a clear understanding.

In role hierarchy, we need to follow certain instructions. First, we need to go to an option known as setup. Then we need to go a section known as manage users. After completing this process, you get a tab known as structure roles.

Once you click on the option known as structure roles, you will have the privilege to new role which will appear as add role. Once you have added your role, all you need to do is hit save. Just like that, you have created a role hierarchy in salesforce.

Another way is to opt OWD which gives organization the privilege to keep files completely confidential, be completely transparent to the public or give the public the authority to read and write. You can follow the path by going to setup followed by Security Controls. Then, you can access the sharing settings for the customization and finally click on ‘Edit’.

Criteria Based Sharing rules is the next way to share records. It is used in those cases where sharing of records is needed based on condition like share records to more than one user.

You also can share a record using Apex sharing where the creation of a record to the share object is required to share the records using apex.

47. State the major differences between. Insert () and insert () in salesforce?

Insert ():

A partial insert and Rollback are not supported. On using the DML statement (Insert), during the occurrence of an error, the further working of execution will take a halt. In this particular case, with the usage of Apex code a flaw can be eliminated and you will find that not even one record will be inserted to the handling database.

. Insert ():

It is one of the ways to handle database methods are static in nature called static method available in the class inside the Database. A partial insert and Rollback are also said to be supported. It includes the all-or-none parameters that default true.

While using this. Insert () method in big projects, during the occurrence of an error, the remaining records will be inserted/updated except record throwing an error.

48. List the things that can have on page customization?

The on-page customization can have the following parameters.The first one is page layout like, another thing are Fields, Buttons, Custom Links and the last but not the least one is Related Lists.

49. Is there any chance by which we can create RUS on master object?

Yes, it is possible in a relationship called master-detail relationship. The RUS known as Roll-Up Summary fields. Their creations basically done on master records. In master record, you have the privilege RUS or better known as roll up summary fields. Once this field is created you can calculate various attributes of child records

50. What do you understand by apex builder and apex trigger?

Certain activities of the apex builder can be stated as follows:

  • Creation of records
  • Updating the records.
  • Sending an Email alert.
  • Submitting a record for the further approval.
  • Invoking a process from another process.
  • Launching a flow.
  • Calling the apex methods.

In salesforce, the apex trigger has a name known as apex code. The apex trigger can be held responsible for certain activities like merging data, modifying and updating data, and eliminating data completely.

51. Apex transaction? What does that mean in salesforce?

When a salesforce professional tries executing several activities at particular time then it can be termed as Apex transaction. All sorts of DML operations contained in a certain number of transactions are either complete successfully, or another case arises where it can be the arrival of any error in any of these operations, the whole transaction is turned back to the previous state and there is commitment of the data or information to the database.

The following boundaries of a transaction are defined such as- boundary can be a Visual force page, an anonymous block of code or it can be a trigger or a class method.

52. Name some of the kinds of apex trigger in salesforce?

When we talk about apex triggers then it can be divided into two segments the first one previous trigger and other is known as the later triggers. Please note that previous triggers can also be called as before triggers and later triggers can also be called as after triggers in case of before triggers, they have their usage in the process of updating and validating the expense of record in salesforce. A care is taken that they should not get preserved in the record.

In case of after triggers, they are used in the process of accessing the field values embedded in the records which are present inside the system database. When the help of later triggers, one can modify information that is stored in the database

53. How can apex program be used in visual force page?

An Apex program can be used in the visual force page, it can be done by declaring the syntax given below- <Apex: page controller = “class name “>

Once a visual force page called which already contains an attribute called as page controller attribute, an apex class object will be created and later defined by the controller. Also, for apex class to be defined completely an object has to be created; once done, the involvement of the constructor is addressed.

54. How would you describe the multitenant architecture in salesforce?

The multitenant architecture in salesforce means one URL for all departments. So when project is in progress, every department is one the same page. It is also referred to as a standard in the software architecture that serves the multiple client organizations called as tenants in business by running the single instance of the software securing the IT resources among multiple applications and tenants.

55. What you understand by S0QL proclamation in salesforce? Define each with example

SOQL has its usage to put forward the queries which is responsible for recording the stuff contained in the database.com.The two kinds of SOQL Statements in salesforce are as under- The very first is Static SOQL and other is SOQL statement is called as Dynamic SOQL.

1. Static SOQL: It has the following syntax-

For instance: String search for =’Alice’;

2. Dynamic SOQL: This type of statement is referred to the process where there is a possible formation a dynamic SOQL especially during the run time which is feasible with the help of an Apex code. This creates seamless application in salesforce. We will notice a sObjects being returned when query is available for multiple records and not a single one.

56. What do you understand group by in Syntax?

The group by in Syntax refers to the usage of bulk of an aggregate function, such as sum () or max() especially with conned to a version known as API 18.0 it can be the later one also.

It finally gives the permission to rollup results associated with the queries rather than processing the certain number of database saved as records as per your own code.The syntax can be defined as: [Group list created through group filed]

57. Explain how java script remoting in Apex controller

There are 3 parts of java script Apex controller:

The first one is remote application. It is often being added to the Visual Force page and written in the JavaScript. Another part relates to the definition through distant. It is majorly contained in your Apex controller class. The last part deals with the remote application that allows for a call back facility. Hence, it is being added or can be said to be included in your Visual force page contained in the JavaScript.

58. Name some remote request of JavaScript

1. Buffer – of Boolean Data type

It is used in making the decision related to the grouping of requests which are implemented into a one personal demand where the default value is considered true.

2. Escap is of the Data type called Boolean.

It is used in making the in removing the feedback by apex methods where the default value is considered true for the Escap remote request.

3. Timeout – Falls under integer data type

A Static resource request is created within a matter of second, keeping the limit to thirty seconds.

59. State the most important difference between better and setter methods?

While using the salesforce platform, there will be situations, where you need to need to transport a value from the controller straight into the VF page. The medium that is used for this transfer can be known as getter methods. Similarly when you want to pass the value back to the controller, you need a medium known as the better methods.

60. Out of two apex class, identify the most important difference?

The two apex class can be regarded as public class and the global class. The term global itself states that when particular information can be accessed all over the salesforce, then it can be termed as global class. In global class, you don’t need namespaces. In public class, namespace is required.

61. Name the various collections of Apex? In addition, also state about Apex maps

When a salesforce individual tries to store multiple amounts of records in the platform, then it can be termed as Apex collection. A total of three variation of apex collection can be found in salesforce and these are known as maps, data and sets. A client might want to store data in key value pairs, this is where apex maps come into the picture, and each key value pair represents a single value.

62. Tell me what you know about S0Sl and SOQL?

In order to understand these two terms, we need to first understanding their meaning and then need interpret their difference. SOQL gets defined as salesforce object query.

When SOQL is used, the salesforce professional has the facility to search only one object at a particular interval of time. SOQL can be passed down to both triggers and class and will provide you the facility to return records.

SOSL can be defined as sales object search language. Here a query can be searched only through text, email or phone call. They can be passed down to class but not to the triggers. Also, gives you the facility to rebound record.

63. In salesforce what do you mean sObject?

Force.com allows you to store only a certain set of object. These can be termed as sObject. Let’s say that you have created an object known as Vehicle. Now when you say vehicle it can be car, bus, truck, motorbike and sports car. So if the client wants to store only sports car in force.com, then a client has to use only a particular object known as sObject.

64. How many different types of data can a set accumulate in salesforce?

An assemblage of six data types can be accumulated in a set. These are known as built-in Apex types, user defined types, collections, primitive types, and sObjetcs, and collection.

65. Have you heard about Trigger.new?

The answer is yes. When a salesforce professional tries to rebound a collection of records that have sObject, it can be termed as Trigger.new functionality. In this cycle, only the records that have not been in database will be returned.

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66. Can you explain visual component in salesforce?

Visual component in salesforce comes in two forms. One can be standard component which is already predefined and the other can be custom component that is build to understand the behavior of the user. When a salesforce professional tries to send any information from visual force page to salesforce, then visual force components has to be used.

67. State the different types of method batch apex class in salesforce

In batch apex class, there are three methods that need your attention. One is known as the execute method, the other is known as the start method and the final is known as the finish method

68. What is use of annotation known as @ future?

This annotation is used when salesforce professionals try finding a method that is not present or is not occurring. When the @future annotation is used, it will only be executed, if the salesforce has a resource available for it.

69. There are multiple bindings used in visualforce can you name them?

There are three types of bindings in visualforce They can be stated as action binding, component binding and data bindings. Data binding portrays all the data that is present in the controller.

Action binding refers to all the action methods that are present in the controller. Finally, in case of component bindings, it refers to the process of the components that is present in visual force page.

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70. Can you define an attribute tag in salesforce?

An attribute tag of salesforce can be defined as quality of the custom component which needs to have a tag of the child component. Now, it has be noted that attribute cannot be defined by ID or reference, it can be only be syntaxes using coding.

71. State the number of records that can request for a record return

5000 records through SOQL can be requested for query return. In case of SOSL the number of records has to be 2000.

72. How does a salesforce professionals find how many users are there is Apex code?

You need to type a function known a userinfo.getuserid () to watch the amount of users present in apex code.

73. Can a controller be called from a JavaScript?

Yes, using action function a controller can be called from JavaScript.

74. Name the methods where on how apex job can be executed?

To execute apex job in salesforce, a salesforce professional needs to use a method known as database execution in order to initiate the process. Here two syntax needs to be used which are both based on public static id. One public static id would contain class name and the sObject name and the other public static id would contain integer’s scope, class name and sObject.

75. Does visual force support fields as it does in s control?

Yes, Visual force always support merge files (embedded ones) at all times.

76. Consider a situation where a client wants to view a report suing a single screen, the report should be sales made by the company in each country, what report should be considered here?

The report that should be considered here is known as the summary report

77. The CEO of the particular company wants to reward the best employee of the company who has done the maximum number of sales. The catch being, the company operates in 17 countries and wants the name of each employee who has made the maximum contribution. What kind of report should be used?

In this case, the report used should be matrix report

78. An e-commerce company wants to see a report of the number of mobiles sold in particular year and also the number of home appliances sold. What kind of report should you think would be best fit?

A joined report should be the best fit in this case

79. Let’s say that the two objects have been merged using the r/s which appear as field in the secondly record. How will it appear in the primary record?

In primary record it will come as related list. Now you have to know when two objects are connected as per clients needs then the two objects behave diffenly. One behaves as custom object and the other r behaves as standard object

80. Now as standard from, there is presence of two MDR in an object. What is the behavior with the object is customized?

When the object is customized then custom level comes into the picture. Hence three custom level are now allowed

81. Consider an IT firm, which has two objects, one is employee payroll and the object is known as the employee leave. So when combing these two objects what is the relationship should be preference

Preference should be given master detail relationship

82. A business owner has placed an order of 1000 mobile pieces to a company. Now the delivery is made and the payment is now to be issued. So what is the relationship that is established between the company and the business owner?

The relationship that is established is lookup relationship

83. Consider a scenario where there object known as inventory. In inventory there are 10 members. A field known as confidential is created in the object and you want only one member to see the confidential field? What are going to do?

First, permission sets needs to created, and access should be given to the member whom you want to see. Syntax:

Object: inventory

Users: 10 members

Condition: Only 1 member should see a particular filed known as confidential

Owd: Private

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