From Amazon to Yelp to AppExchange, there’s no questioning the power of public feedback. Whether you’re choosing a new kitchen gadget, researching the best tacos in town, or installing an app to help make your workday a little easier, reviews are a powerful way to inform decisions and share your experiences. With more than 100,000 reviews on AppExchange to date, we know our community isn’t shy about sharing its thoughts. Here are 5-star reviews of apps and consultants direct from AppExchange All-Stars and MVPs.

“Admin-Friendly Tool


Rollup Helper is a lifesaver if you are trying to create rollup summary fields from related objects that do not have a Master Detail relationship – something you can’t do natively without writing code. As a declarative Admin, I really appreciate that. And their service is phenomenal. Even when using the free version, they offer quick and effective help.”

“Great Customer Experience

Customer Support is Excellent! Customer support proactively reached out when they saw the scheduler user had been deactivated and quickly provided steps on how to reschedule. This app works so great, just set it and forget it!

I highly recommend Auto FX!”

Useful Starting Point for Lightning Knowledge Reporting

There are no standard report types for Lightning Knowledge, and this package gives you a very good start into the reports and dashboards for Lightning Knowledge, and includes some useful custom reporting types.

You will need to have a play around and see how these work for your own implementation.”

Great out of the box solution with the ability to customise

I knew about Communities but I also knew it was way out of our price range and it was going to take a lot of custom development to get it to do what we needed, I needed something more out-of-the-box.

The further I went down the Magentrix funnel, the more I realised this is exactly what we needed for rapid deployment and also gave us the ability to develop it as we went along, over time.

Magentrix offered a healthy balance of out-of-the-box functionality but also a lot of scope for customisation. Not only getting the Magentrix team to customise things for us but it has also opened up enough for myself and our volunteer developers to do stuff ourselves, which is really useful.

The Magentrix team had the ability to problem-solve alongside our needs, even though we were still learning about what our needs were, and had the ability to flex with us.

I’m really happy with the way things are going. It has been very useful to have the ability to just pick up the phone and speak with the team. The support desk, when we were going live, was just taking question after question to get everything sorted out. So all around, it has been really easy. It’s much easier than it could have been… Our operations by nature are very difficult to deal with but the Magentrix team has made it as easy as possible for us. It has been much appreciated.”

Indispensable tool for every Salesforce Admin!

I have been using Elements for more than a year now and I have to say it’s an indispensable tool for Admins who want to have full overview of what is happening in their org real-time. It’s was especially useful for me when I just started with the new org because it cut down my investigative work in more than half. I didn’t have to spend weeks going through settings and trying to understand the configuration. I just ran the report and had all information I needed in one place. That helped me not only understand the processes, but to also identify what can be improved and how to start optimizing it (most of all, how to get rid of unused fields).

What I like the best is how the product team is responsive to the feedback and how they keep working on improving the functionalities and adding new features based on what their customers ask for. The support team is also amazing – they are patient, knowledgeable and they go the extra mile to make sure my problem is resolved and I understand how to do what I need. I am definitely recommending this app to every Admin I know.”

Easy & Affordable: Value-Add

Proton Text with Proton Blaster is one of my new favorite apps! It’s easy to use and manage. The documentation is thorough. And…Pat provides incredible support and is always open to new feature ideas! This App is the total package that provides immediate value-add to your timely business communications! I love this app!”

Works great, has lots of potential for my org!

We use Marketing Cloud for all our mailings and newsletters but even with the unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails, we still get requests to our Member Services team to do this for our members.

This app allows our team to send a custom link to the members so that 1) they are in control of their preferences, and 2) we have a clear audit trail of members updating those preferences for compliance purposes.

I love that this is an unmanaged package as I plan to add some additional options and screens to accommodate our org’s use case of multiple newsletters. This is huge in allowing us to respect our constituents’ wishes across the board without having to get into the nuances of Marketing Cloud’s subscription center.”

Test Automation Magic

Provar is a great tool for test automation. It is so robust there are 10 ways to solve every challenge like Salesforce. We had a great experience getting a POC test case from them and then it was our intention to move that test case to a more robust method. It worked really well. We had Clint come onsite and provide training and support – if you plan for this it is the best use of time. They work on your test cases with your hands doing the work. We got 4 people trained and so many perspectives of our system covered. The entire team at Provar does stellar work to build a great tool that makes the testing of the system so much more efficient. I haven’t found a tool that does test automation that is even in the same class as Provar!! Great job Provar!!”

Love this metadata tool

I watched a fellow consultant use this tool to move all configuration and development from Sandbox to Production and I was so impressed with this tool. Recently I had a chance to use it myself and I can tell you this is the best tool for declarative admins to move metadata from one ORG to another ORG. The tool allows you to add multiple ORGs. It also allows you to create backups.

To me, this is the best feature. Consider you are working on an ORG with multiple people. What happens if another person overrides or completely changes what you did? This tool allows you to bring a lot of that back.

Another scenario is when you have multiple sandboxes and want to move all that development into one Sandbox, this tool allows you to look at the details in XML format to understand what the differences are and make an informed decision on what should be moved over and what should not.

My only suggestion to the vendor is to update the UI. Other than that I will recommend this tool to anyone and everyone.”

Great option for launching flows

Big fan of this app, I use it a lot with my flows as a clean way to allow users to launch flows. It’s a nice alternative to having what tends to be a wordy screen as the first thing they see. Haven’t had a chance to use the other goodies, but looking forward to it.”

RevenueCloud and Jotham Saved Us Hours of Work

When exploring AppExchange solutions to fit how our media sales team worked, RevenueCloud was the best fit for our needs.

When we approached Surfwriter to ask if it was possible to get an enhancement to the product to calculate Revenue/CPM/Impressions the way we wanted, Jotham had the solution and developed an elegant solution that fit exactly what we needed. His expertise literally saved my team hundreds of hours of development work.

If you’re looking for a Compensation Management solution, I can’t recommend RevenueCloud and Surfwriter enough!”

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