[https://blogs.mulesoft.com/wp-content/uploads/it-career-500×215.jpg]The phrase “new normal” is everywhere these days – both in our daily life and at work. This shift in the way the world operates will change the types of jobs needed and the ways businesses operate. When the economy starts to open up and businesses adapt to the new normal, the kind of jobs available and skills needed will also shift. The focus will be on digital initiatives in the post-COVID world and hence the demand for IT skills [https://blogs.mulesoft.com/biz/management/covid-19-reimagining-it/] to deliver these new digital channels [https://blogs.mulesoft.com/biz/trends/digitally-transforming-through-covid-19/] and initiatives will be high. It’s critical that you stay agile and are able to learn and execute on these digital projects as you prepare for the future, here are six ways to future-proof your IT career in the new world:

2020 has forced nearly every enterprise to enable remote-working polici…


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