What’s the best way to look at trends and key metrics from your org? Dashboards and reports of course! Dashboards will show a visualization of reports, which allow you to gain better insight into your metrics. There are tons of dashboards and reports on the Salesforce Platform. Here are 8 free solutions from Salesforce Labs, available on the AppExchange, that we recommend you add to your Salesforce Org.

This dashboard pack is great to install to get started when building reports and dashboards. Simple to use and easy to install with one click, you can see everything in your Salesforce account from marketing, sales, support, and more.


Get visibility into users and login history with this dashboard solution. Insight into how users are doing is critical for sales and marketing success. You will receive 42 reports within this package, 6 custom fields, 3 Dashboards, 1 Dashboard Folder, and 1 Report Folder. Need to customize one of the reports or dashboards? No, worries you can customize to specific metrics so you can consolidate your dashboards and reports.

Sales Activity Dashboard provides an easy way for you to track your opportunities and progress for business. This Dashboard can also report on neglected opportunities and accounts so you can learn where to prioritize your efforts; it’s a must-have for all sales professionals who want and need visibility into their sales team. With this app, you can also clone reports and dashboards to make it easier to tweak and reference the original content.

Need a great start on reports and dashboards? Here is a great way to get started, with Lighting Knowledge. These dashboards help improve self-service rates and can get immediate answers for customers. Able to view top information from the customer so you can create content that would be able to appease your customers. You’re also able to go to Trailhead to earn a badge for basic setup for the lighting knowledge dashboard.

Service and Support Dashboards can be a powerful addition to Service Cloud. When you use Salesforce for service and support, you should probably track your cases and analyze your company’s performance. Gives you real-time data and insight into your team productivity, Rep/Agent, and KPI metrics. Along with footnotes that help you understand the content, these dashboards give you suggestions on how to customize reports.

How can the sales and service team stay on top of each deal? The CRM dashboard will allow them to get insight into the team’s performance you will be able to have sales managers able to have a greater pipeline. The solution comes with Sales & Marketing Dashboards for marketing and sales executives, sales managers, and salesperson dashboards along with customer service dashboards to see service KPIs. You can also find Samples and More information on Dashboards here.

Starting February 1, 2022, all Salesforce users will be required to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to their Orgs. MFA is an extra step to log in for security reasons. Each dashboard will track user logins. Additionally, it can see what users have enabled MFA. You can also track users who have generated temporary validations codes to log in.

These dashboards are meant for you to understand how you are keeping up with your customer’s service level agreements. Case Milestones show the status of compliment, open violation, and closed violation. Over time, you will monitor performances to see if your SLA is in violation. Keep in mind – you are not capable of reporting by the entitlement process but, you are able to create your own formula from the case object that is related to the entitlement process. If you’re interested in learning more about how this solution works, you can check out its technical breakdown here.

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