Hiring during December depends on many aspects. The very mention of December sounds like a vacation. With the year approaching an end and we mentally already in the new year, December seems like a no-hiring period for both candidates and recruiters. 

Grabbing the best of talent has no season. Recruitment is always an ongoing activity and a competition between businesses. When most activities seem to slow down during December, recruitment should not stop. As we move on in this article, let’s bust some myths around hiring in December that relate both to recruiters and candidates.

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Myth 1: Firms may not need new candidates at the end of the year

It may be true that many firms stop hiring in December. While the reasons might depend on their personal choice, December is a great time when recruiters may stay active. 


When most recruiters are freezing their activity, active recruiters get a fantastic chance of grabbing that best candidate with ease. Also, not many candidates will be keen to move out at the end of the year due to many reasons.

It means, despite lesser job postings, there exist greater chances of success for smart candidates who can stay active now. Now, doesn’t that sound like December is a good time for job trials for active applicants?

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Myth 2: Employees might be thinking twice to move out of the existing role

As a recruiter, you may face this dilemma. Most candidates shall be waiting for their new year appraisals and hike in the very nearest months – January, February, and March. But this should not stop you from a talent hunt in December.


We have many reasons.

First– if your company can offer more than the hike they are expecting, your success rates of finding the candidates are high.

Second– the potential of passive talent is unbelievable. So, posting your job ads in December can strike the right candidate at the right moment who is focusing on better job prospects in the new year.

Third– the holiday season is a time when applicants stay active on social media. It gives you a better chance to get in touch with them and take the process forward easily.

Fourth – Most employees shall be planning their future strategies and new year goals to earn more or carve a better career path. Who knows your job application might even reach such employees who are in such introspection!

And finally– with the shock waves the pandemic gave to the whole world, nobody can refuse a good job that offers better pay and work environment.

So, if you believe that your company has what it takes to attract the passive and top talent, hiring during December should be on your to-do list.

Myth 3: Recruiters might be on vacation or new year activities; so, I can’t reach them probably

December is a year-end time where everyone wants to use their leave balance and escape to vacation mode with friends and family. That said, not every recruiter will go into full hibernation mode. As a candidate, if you are skeptical about reaching recruiters in December, we trust you must go ahead with refreshing your resume for the next job.


Recruiters do have their deadlines and targets to meet. The requirement for talent never ends for most businesses. Plus, not everyone will be in holidaying mode. So, staying active on job portals and getting in touch with recruiters in December will help you understand that hiring in December is as normal as it is at the rest of the year.

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Myth 4: Businesses might go slow this month; so, no hurry to recruit

For onlookers, it might appear like businesses are not actively taking talent during December. However, that won’t affect hiring during recruiting much as expected.


Businesses now are in a trigger mode. After the slowdown for this whole year, many businesses are framing talent acquisition strategies that help them acquire new talent who can solve their business challenges. Thus, recruiters stay on their toes with hiring during December. It makes it a perfect time for applicants to cast 

Myth 5: During the holiday season, companies only look for temporary workforce

This myth may be partially true. With many e-commerce websites and other B2C companies actively recruiting temps during December, an impression that hiring during December is only for temps might be common. But we should also look at the other side of the coin.


It is at the end of the year that businesses focus on their strategies for the next year. So, the companies are always carving new roles for the next year. Thus, by refreshing your resume and adding the new skill set and certifications, you are all set to catch the attention of recruiters during this holiday season.

Myth 6: Maybe I have to wait till next year for the market to gain traction

This is a common myth about hiring during December. Candidates may be in a constant dilemma as well as hopeful about the changes that might happen in the market in the coming year. But there is a good reason why this should not stop your job hunt during December.


Though industries stumbled due to the pandemic, they are slowly gaining traction and paving strategies to boost the business next year. So, instead of waiting for markets to regain their sheen, trying for the next job in a revamped approach is a better option. 

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Myth 7: Probably we should wait for a new hiring strategy in the new year

If you are a recruiter and waiting for a new hiring strategy in the next year and hence planning to freeze hiring during December, maybe you should think again.

Companies are back in action. They are quickly paving their post-COVID-19 hiring strategies into place. By the time you wait for the next hiring strategy, your competitor might have acquired the top talent from the pool. So, actively hiring during December might help you in many ways to grab the best candidates as well as to make a smooth transition into the next year.

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Myth 8: Let me take time to prepare and apply for a better job next year

Many aspirants think in these lines and take a back step from applying to jobs in December. But the reverse of this might be a wise idea many times.


For all the reasons said above. Companies are always on a talent hunt. Though it might appear silent, the market for talent is never dull. December is the best season to revamp your resume and grab the attention of recruiters. If upskilling is your idea, that can be a parallel process, which should not hold you back from staying as an active job aspirant in December.

What’s next?

For candidates:

Sometimes, it can also happen that companies are running tight on their budget by year-end. Also, the existing employees might be looking for appraisals and their hard work to be recognized very soon. So chances that new vacancies arise might be narrow. At times, all these reasons add up and can push companies to pause hiring in December. 

So, if you are determined to look for new jobs and having hopes of hiring during December, you are on the right path. You just need to follow some tips that can help in your job hunt during December as given below:

  • Stay active on social media and get in touch with prospect recruiters.
  • Redesign your resume, fill it with fresh energy, and go ahead with creating your profile without being concerned about the month.
  • Check for any references or suitable roles from your professional network. Gathering recommendations and endorsements from your network can help you immensely. 
  • Focus on upskilling. Learn new technologies and skills that can diversify your skillset.
  • If your current domain has limited jobs, try jobs that suit your skillset in a different horizontal.

For recruiters:

If your company is tight on budget, that should not hinder the business goals in the next year. Seek the help of expert staffing and recruitment solutions to strategies your new year recruitment goals.

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