Salesforce is one of the most iconic companies of the 21st century! Many companies around the world, ranging from small startups, small and medium-sized businesses to big corporate companies and MNCs use Salesforce to extract insights from customer needs and create a tailor-made cloud-based app to suit their specific needs.

Salesforce has been helping many businesses to scale their businesses by harnessing maximum profit by understanding the market and customer needs. It is the world’s No.1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform and is leading this space with innovative solutions to harness true insights to drive growth.


Now the problem here is Salesforce is a platform that any company could use and mold to suit their preferences and requirements. Companies that rely on Salesforce for customer insights require a Salesforce Developer to design the app or services to suit their use cases. So here we will be discussing only Salesforce Developers, their requirements, how to become one, salary aspects, roles, responsibilities, etc.

What is a Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce Developer is a programmer who is an expert in the Salesforce platform and knows how to customize and build tailor-made apps and business solutions for the company that hired them. They don’t necessarily have to work with the Salesforce company, rather companies that use Salesforce hire them. These developers have to use their coding skills along with declarative skills to customize these apps in the Salesforce platform. Enroll in Salesforce Developer Certification to get a clear understanding and become a Salesforce developer!

Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer

The responsibility of a Salesforce Developer is not too different from a developer’s perspective. Yet, they are different from Salesforce’s perspectives. So, here are the roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer in a generalized form that may differ from one company to another:

● Understand the needs of the user base, accordingly design, analyze, test, and then develop software solutions that meet the set requirements of users.

● Work on projects and create effective plans for the project by designing Salesforce solutions.

● Suggest further software upgrades, updates for the existing line-up of apps, programs, and other systems.

● Look out for the advancements in the business and technology community and adapt to Salesforce and Java/.NET platforms.

● Work on applications and each of their components and plan to mesh these different components to fabricate into a single app.

● Handle the data inconsistency problems and work towards building system deficiencies that will smooth out the problems.

● Conduct regular testing and maintenance to ensure that software is up and running as intended.

● Work in close collaborations with other computer experts in building the best software that you can, etc.

Salesforce Developer Salary

According to, the average salary of a Salesforce Developer amounts to USD 86,101 in the US. According to, the salary could go from as low as USD 62,000 to as high as USD 117,000 and sometimes even touch USD 130,000. It all depends on the skills that you possess, the company you are working for, job location, years of work experience, etc.

How to become a Salesforce Developer?

You could become a Salesforce Developer if you could follow these points mentioned below:

● Get yourself a degree in Computer Science, IT, Software Engineering, or any related fields which you could use to show your transferable skills.

● You must have good coding skills along with appropriate experience.

● Furthermore, you must have a good understanding of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), .NET programming, Model-View-Controller design pattern, and Java.

● Work as an intern if you could get in the software business while still in college.

● Get Salesforce certified to prove your expertise in the platform that employers value. This certification will help stand apart from regular candidates.

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Skills needed to become a Salesforce Developer

There are many skills that one needs to have to become a qualified Salesforce Developer. These skills are:

Analytical- which will help you understand and measure the client’s needs and requirements appropriately.

Computer- it is one of the most foundational skills that you must possess if you are aspiring to become a Salesforce Developer.

Communication and Interpersonal- are some of the most essential skills in the business arena. To become a Salesforce Developer who must get their insights conveyed, show customers what they should expect, give out instructions to subordinates and work in a collaborative environment, good communication skills are a must.

Interpersonal skills will help you smooth your workload and will help you become a successful team player.

Problem Solving- it is one of the core skills that every developer in the Salesforce platform must-have. Developers throughout their lives have to deal with problems and bottlenecks. To work in the software development domain, you must possess problem-solving skills.

Is Salesforce Developer a good career?

According to an industry estimate, the Salesforce platform and its ecosystems will result in 4.2 million job creation by 2024. So definitely, if you are aspiring for a lucrative career in Salesforce to drive the growth of various businesses, you upskill yourself to become a Salesforce Developer.

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