David’s note: You did it bro! And you proved the dream is still alive and kicking! It brings me joy that I could play a small role in your family dreams. I also love when someone dreams about writing a success story, then one day accomplishes it. Cheers!

Hi David!


Ever since we first met, I’ve been dreaming of writing my own success story to you. With a degree in CS but landing in a Salesforce developer role, it took some growing to appreciate the power of the platform and its low-code aspects.

Early on, you gave me words of encouragement and were always a motivating force in the back of my mind. I was lucky enough to meet you again at a Dreamforce and you continued to reinforce that encouragement and support. Not in record pace but I have attained Trailhead Ranger and 3 certs in my few years on the platform. But the biggest success came recently when I landed what feels like a unicorn opportunity.

It is a hybrid salesforce developer with general software engineering on their internal tech stack. This marriage of both of my backgrounds is the perfect role for me. Not only that but my total compensation has doubled since I started in working in Salesforce three years ago. Best of all, it’s a fully remote opportunity so my family and I can relocate back to our hometown and with the goal of buying a house close to extended family.

I just wanted to say thanks again for being so generous with your time and encouraging to me and so many others. Keep up the great work! You’re a wonderful person and a shining example of the Salesforce Ohana.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/macappuccio
Trailhead: https://trailblazer.me/id/michaelcappuccio

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