Effortless experiences for your customers and the agents helping them-that’s the idea behind MindTouch for Salesforce, our latest integration for both Service Cloud and Community Cloud.

What is MindTouch for Salesforce?

Like you, our goal is to get your customers and agents to the answers they need as fast as possible in whichever channel they choose.


For agents, this means a fully integrated knowledge experience within the Service Cloud interface that helps reduce time to resolution. For customers, this means a rich blend of content from both the community and your expert knowledge base within the same Community Cloud experience.

Give agents a head start on case resolution in Salesforce Service Cloud

When customers choose to contact you for help, they expect prompt and accurate service. If you can already have the answer they need ahead of time, all the better. MindTouch makes this possible in a couple distinct ways:

Demo of the MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration

Just what customers need, just in time

Nobody wants to repeat themselves, especially a customer who has taken the time to contact support. Customer insights show agents the content customers already viewed, and what they searched for, prior to submitting a case, so agents can get to the solution faster.

Articles suggested automatically based on the case subject line

Customers tell you so much about their issue when they fill out the contact support form. MindTouch automatically runs a search against the case subject line, displaying suggested solutions that help agents reach a solution faster-all based on the customer’s own language.

Send customers the solution in one click

The sooner your agents send solutions to customers, the better. MindTouch makes it easy for agents to quickly attach articles to cases, while providing data around article usage and missing content every time an article is linked.

Everything agents need in a single view

Clicking away from Salesforce Service Cloud is such a waste of time! MindTouch for Salesforce gives agents all they need within their workspace in a single tab.

This includes the ability to search for and navigate to various articles, view agent notes, and even capture and contribute new KB articles, right within the same view.

Supercharge customer self-service and case deflection in Salesforce Community Cloud

Your customers don’t want to call you for support unless they have to. Isn’t that why your community forums exist in the first place? Our aim is to enrich the experience for your customers, partners, and product experts searching for and sharing expert knowledge in Community Cloud.

Demo of the MindTouch for Salesforce Community Cloud integration

Expert knowledge that makes your community stronger

MindTouch shows content from both community peers and your company knowledge base, all blended within Community Cloud search bar results. Plus, you’ll have the option to have your Community Cloud content appear in public search engines, too, in case Google is where your customers go first.

Suggested answers right before submitting a case

The moment of truth: your customer is on the contact support page, ready to submit a ticket. As that customer completes the subject line, MindTouch automatically suggests related content from your KB, providing one more chance to deflect a case.

Consistent, relevant content across the board

Whether they’re on your website, getting support from a live agent, or using your communities, customers will see consistent and authoritative content from your company KB.

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