An introduction to cloud managed services

Cloud managed services providers like Plative provide skilled functional and technical experts for the purpose of augmenting our client’s in-house strategy and technology teams. Common requirements for clients who take advantage of cloud managed services include routine enterprise cloud software maintenance, ongoing integration services, data cleansing and transformation, ongoing innovation, and agile sprint management (among many other services).

What does virtually every enterprise software have in common?

Companies of all sizes and industries rely on enterprise software suites like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Slack, and more. All of these software companies serve different purposes and have a litany of happy (and not-so-happy) customers. What separates happy customers from unhappy or churned ones?


The answer has nothing to do with product-market fit, being behind the curve or even user experience. The answer to this question is why Plative exists in the first place: Because investments in technology will return multiples of value on the investment to the companies who implement and manage it correctly. That’s correct, the number one reason why software is not utilized or adopted is that it was improperly implemented, or implemented properly but then not maintained after go-live. This means that at the end of the day, sometimes it matters less which software suite your organization decides to implement, but rather, how they implement and maintain it.

Benefits of cloud managed services

1. Cost savings

There’s nothing wrong with hiring an in-house systems administrator. As a matter of fact, we prefer it when our clients have someone internally to act as a liaison and technical stakeholder. However, companies that have in-house system administrators often find themselves with a unique problem. One individual cannot realistically possess the expertise and technical know-how to not only administer but optimize multiple enterprise software platforms. In order to achieve full ownership over ERP, CRM, integrations, and other cloud platforms, a company will need to retain a full team of in-house technical talent, who more often than not is not 100% utilized 40 hours per week. This means that the company that’s hired these individuals is wasting a significant amount of money. Companies who do not spend the money on retaining a full team, simply are not maximizing their investment on the software platforms that they’ve spent so much of their hard-earned capital on subscribing to. This is when partnering with a cloud managed services provider like Plative will present immense cost savings when coupled with our flexible approach to staff augmentation on a short notice part-time or full-time basis.

2. Unmatched Flexibility

As mentioned above, part of the reason why cloud managed services providers enable cost savings is that they offer flexibility to retain top-industry experts for a part-time or as-needed basis. Plative takes this a step further by offering dedicated resources to our managed services clients at an affordable rate card, but also offer the option to increase or decrease hours on short notice. We also enable our clients to pull from a pool of technical experts that may not be staffed to the program full time just to sub-in for their thought leadership in a certain focus area like billing and CPQ best practices, field service recommendations, or technical data work. This enables our clients to have full access to our bench of global professionals at the same agreed-upon rate that we agreed to in the first place.

3. Multi-cloud, single accountable source

This benefit is not true for all cloud managed services providers, but with Plative, our clients get access to experts across Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, Service Cloud, Oracle NetSuite, AWS, and more under one roof. This means that companies from the small business world who may only have one system to administer, all the way to commercial or enterprise organizations with multiple cloud solutions and integrations can trust their systems continuity and continuous innovation with the experts and professionals at Plative. We act as one central source of accountability.

4. Get Agile (Literally)

Rather than scoping individual time and materials projects, we approach cloud managed services with an agile methodology. This means that our managed services customers are able to benefit from weekly sprint planning and sprint grooming calls, Gantt chart and workstreams with relevant tickets submitted and in progress between team Plative and our clients.

5. Future-proof your organization

Especially for customers who are Oracle ERP and Salesforce CRM customers, software updates, and feature announcements happen multiple times per year, and sometimes these features are not widely publicized. Moreover, many features that are released require configuration to set up and maximize your team’s usage of them to make sure you are benefitting from the most up to date features. Plative works with 2,000+ organizations worldwide and is able to take our expertise with us across multiple projects to ensure that your organization’s software implementations are benefitting from being pitted against some of the industry-leading company’s technology implementations.

Let’s build out a program, together

The Plative Alliance Program is our solution put to market for our cloud managed services offering. It starts as low as $4,000 per month and can begin delivering results quickly after our start date. Start maximizing your software investment today.

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