When it comes to doing business, we’re in a new and exciting age: an age of disruption, an age of transformation, an age of acceleration and evolution. A new landscape is emerging from the shadows of the old, and the companies that will be best prepared to lead in the new world are the companies that have positioned themselves to adapt to this change.

In order to lead through change [https://www.salesforce.com/uk/blog/category/leading-through-change.html] in the new climate, business owners will want to focus on three things:


Data: Data provides businesses with the information needed to stay nimble and respond to situations at pace, as well as to create personal and relevant experiences that customers have increasingly come to expect.

Resilience: Leaders should focus on building resilience, both in people and in technology.

Agility: Positioning a company to be agile and forward thinking is one of a leaders’ most important roles. Our research suggests that leaders are 14x more likel…

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