SMB’s & Entreprenerurs Are Fearing The Worst Right Now

As we start the descent of 2020, what has been an unprecedented, unpredictable, and unexpected year, small business owners and entrepreneurs continue to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, corporations like Salesforce are committed to supporting small businesses as they navigate the new way of life.

The Scenario of Sales Force Automation in Bangladesh- (Benefits of SFA)

Suppose you are a businessman and you have a sales team, then what do you need now? Yes, a better solution that provides you full sales control and improves your productivity. When you need to stay at the head of the league, the Salesforce automation system is necessary for your business in a modern environment.

How I lead: 2019 Australian of the Year Dr Richard Harris

I don't think putting my hand up to rescue those boys was heroic. I was doing two things that I know well and I enjoy - cave diving and anaesthesia. Courage is doing something that frightens you. Neither of those things frightened me particularly. The decision to sedate the boys though - that frightened me.

New Data Shows How Relevant Your Sales Team Are (via Passle)

Thanks to Larry Levine and Dave Kurlan for sorting this quote out In a recent blog Larry, quote from this article, which is from 2014 and so little old. 6% of salespeople are "elites" who are great at selling. Another 20% are doing well but could do better.

Tech sales and marketing salaries in California revealed: How much Oracle, VMware, Salesforce, Cisco,...

Technology sales and marketing reps, managers, and executives in California play critical roles for major tech giants as they often create the message used in other countries, according to IDC president Crawford Del Prete: "Tech sales and marketers in California are the Olympians of the field," he told Business Insider.

The Big Short in Treasuries Is Showing Some Pre-Election Cracks

(Bloomberg) -- Rates traders are starting to question the big short position that's built up in long-maturity Treasuries on the expectation of a Democratic sweep in next month's U.S. elections.In the market for options on Treasury futures, trades emerged in the past week that wager against a leap in volatility or a major breakout in yields heading into year-end.

Send Custom Notification using Apex in Salesforce – Niks Developer

In this post, we will implement the functionality to Send Custom Notification using Apex in Salesforce. This feature is introduced recently in the Winter '21 release. We can also send the Custom Notification using Process Builder in Salesforce. You can check the complete implementation for that .

Cloud Computing Tutorial | CRS Info Solutions

Do you remember the days when storage was a big issue? Those times were so stressful. We used buy a 32 GB pen drive and that used to get full within no time. Then we used to buy external hard disk, which used to get full too. After massive changes...

155 Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers [Latest]

Let's be honest. the contribution that salesforce has given to the to the CRM industry is unmatched. Nobody thought that a CRM would offer cloud offering, but here we are in 2020, where salesforce has moved into every business sector and acted as a revenue generator for small and big business owners.

Top 3 CRM for financial services

Editor's note: Andrew outlines some of the key reasons to use CRM for financial advisors and provides his list of top 3 CRM platforms for financial services. And if you need help with choosing or implementing CRM software suitable for the financial services industry, consider ScienceSoft's CRM services .

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