Five Tips for Better B2B Prospecting Using Salesforce® – Equifax Insights Blog

By Amy Shiptenko Ever had a commercial prospecting campaign fall flat, despite having a relevant message and a competitive offer? It happens, and many times, the culprit is data. If using B2B prospecting lists purchased from third-party providers, or simply mining your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data for new prospects, it can be challenging to optimize that data for marketing purposes.

The First Jedi of @Salesforce for #HigherEd

by ANTONINA ROMANOVA Back in 2005 when Salesforce was still a very young platform Ed Schlesinger designed Studentforce, the first Salesforce application for Higher Education. In September 2005 Studentforce was among the first 25 products/services that were showcased on the beta version of the AppExchange.

Salesforce AppExchange Security Review Concerns [SOLVED] – Algoworks

AppExchange is the Salesforce app marketplace. The marketplace hosts around 3000 apps 56% of which are a direct revenue source for app developers.

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