155 Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers [Latest]

Let's be honest. the contribution that salesforce has given to the to the CRM industry is unmatched. Nobody thought that a CRM would offer cloud offering, but here we are in 2020, where salesforce has moved into every business sector and acted as a revenue generator for small and big business owners.

Working with the Salesforce CLI Scanner

A couple of weeks ago I had my first exposure to the Salesforce CLI Scanner and it's fair to say I quite liked it - two blog posts in two days is above my usual cadence.

Salesforce Single VS Multi-Object Flow Field Update Benchmark

A week or so ago, someone on the Salesforce Ohana Slack, which you should join, asked whether they should create one Object flow or multiple flows to populate some lookup fields when that record gets created.

Getting Started with Lightning Flow for Developers – Salesforce Developers Blog

Lightning Flow is one of the key automation tools on the Salesforce Platform, and it really brings together Developers and Admins. Screen Flows allow you to create create rich, guided experiences for users where you can display, collect, and process data while Autolaunched Flows can process data behind the scenes.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Designer / Developer (Remote)

Passing along for a recruiter - a company is looking for a REMOTE SFMC expert to join their team. Please contact the recruiter below for more information. - Thanks, James Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Designer / Developer Not Disclosed (Offered through Latitude 36) Remote Recruiter: Narasimha Prasad Kunamalla, IT Recruiter, Latitude 36, Inc.

Episode 52: Work.com Development with Martie Burris – Salesforce Developers Blog

Martie Burris is a Senior Project Manager here at Salesforce working on our Work.com solution helping businesses with the pandemic. In this episode, we talk about the process of developing Work.com, the core features it has, and how developers can customize it. Martie started as a consultant, always knowing she wanted to work at ...

Sample Gallery Updates for Winter ’21 – Salesforce Developers Blog

Winter may be bad for Westeros, but for us in the Salesforce world, it brings great updates across the entire Customer 360 platform. The Developer Evangelism team has been busy the past few days bringing some of these updates to the Sample Gallery. In this blog post, we'll go over the Winter '21 updates we've ...

Apex Code Coverage Visualizer – Visual Studio Marketplace

This extension shows a summary of the code coverage for all APEX classes in the current project. The extension relies on the official Salesforce Extensions test runner which creates the necessary files used to show the code coverage.

Automated Accessibility Testing with sa11y – Salesforce Developers Blog

Intro At Salesforce, we have a strong commitment to deliver apps that are usable by persons of all ability. Because of that, Salesforce follows the internationally recognized best practices in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) level AA to the extent possible.

Create roll-up summary field using flow builder in salesforce

What is a Roll-Up Summary field? A roll-up summary is a field that calculates values from related records. For example, you can calculate the average number of closed opportunities, or the average amount of closed opportunities, or the SUM, MIN, MAX number. Limitations according to Salesforce help documentation You can have just 2 Roll-Up Summary fields per object.

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