Generate own code for Apex using Salesforce CLI | SalesforceCodex

While working with product development in Salesforce, We implement lot of development process like code guidelines process, code review process, release management process, org management process etc. This process help us in stream line our development and release process. In development process we also want that all developer follow same type of code practice in complete application.

7 great reasons to become a Salesforce Developer.

Salesforce roles so often get shout-outs like these is indicative of the amazing opportunity they present, and clearly, Salesforce development especially is a strong choice right now. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why Salesforce Developer is such a fantastic career option. 1.

Google chrome extensions for Salesforce – Apex Hours

Want to learn about Google chrome extension for Salesforce ? Join us and learn about some useful google chrome extensions. In this session we covered the 9 top Salesforce Chrome Extension. Organizer for Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher login Salesforce API Names Salesforce Coloured favicon Salesforce DevTools Apex Debugger Salesforce Navigator Salesforce Inspector There are lots of other awesome Salesforce extension are available in market.

Salesforce opens up its platform, bets on serverless and CIM

CRM giant Salesforce took some big steps towards opening up its proprietary platform in announcements at last month's Dreamforce conference. Perhaps the most significant is the donation of its internal data model to the Linux Foundation to form the basis of the Customer Information Model (CIM).

Preparing for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer certification

Last week I passed the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam. Afterwards, I received a lot of questions about preparing for it and the test itself. That's why I've decided to share how I prepared, what helped me pass it on the first attempt and hopefully will help you too.

How do I gain Salesforce experience? – Lipstick and Tech

To be part of this ecosystem, you need to have some experience and real-time work experience. As a beginner, where do we start? Here are few useful tips to get work experience on Salesforce platform. Before you get into experiences, know major roles in Salesforce industry. There are two major roles, Administrators and developers.

Are Salesforce Certifications worth it? – Lipstick and Tech

With leading demand in Salesforce in industries, jobs in this field are in demand. For a leading CRM company, job creation would be 3.3 million jobs by 2022. Salesforce is one of the largest job creators due to its cloud-based technology which is affordable and scalable.

OTC Alumni: Nick’s Story (Salesforce) – OTC Blog

Orange Technical College is inviting alumni to share their stories of career success in their own words. Contact us for a submission. I came to the States from the Republic of Belarus in 2009, a small post-soviet country in Eastern Europe. The country offers no freedom of speech, no free media or public opinion and ...

TLS Fingerprinting with JA3 and JA3S

Here we have TLS 1.3 Client Hello packets for two different browsers, each ordering their ciphers and extensions differently as well as including (or excluding) different ciphers and extensions. Therefore the JA3 will still be unique per client.

7 Top Tips to Get the Best Out of Trailhead

Trailhead is designed as a way to learn and practice the skills you need to succeed with Salesforce. It also helps you develop the soft skills you need to be a well-rounded professional. Like any educational opportunity, you'll only get out of Trailhead what you put in.

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