Salesforce Enables Seamless Big Data integration through Wave Platform connectors – Niche Data Factory

The original idea behind the Salesforce Wave Analytics platform was to create a way to visualize Salesforce data - but the final product was hardly a surprise given their penchant for tweaking their product ideas.

NetSuite and Salesforce Integration using Restlet – Algoworks

Salesforce and NetSuite are both very popular Customer Relationship Management solutions. Even though both can be labeled two kinds of 'CRM' they are very different in their features and use. Salesforce is impressive for all tasks related to lead generation and tracking, whereas NetSuite is great in handling finance.

How can I make a PATCH HTTP Callout from Apex?

As Daniel Ballinger's mentioned in his new answer below ( - Winter 21 will be bringing support for this at last! See Pre-Winter 21 Update to this answer, there are 2 workarounds to the missing PATCH verb in HttpRequest that may work in a few specific contexts: If you are calling TO Salesforce, FROM Salesforce (e.g.

What is Salesforce CRM | What Does Salesforce Do?

Salesforce is a company based out of San Francisco, California. They are the leaders in cloud technology. Salesforce is also the name of their flagship product, which is a highly customizable CRM with attractive out of the box features like Web to Lead, Weeding out duplicate leads, Opportunity Forecasting, Email and Campaign management, Google Apps Integration etc...

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