Introduction to Salesforce CRM contents & Files

Are you struggling to find a powerful way to share and collaborate on files or share files with large groups of people, publish the best and relevant content, and track & manage it all in real-time? With Salesforce CRM Content, you can quickly find and access all of your files, content, and customer information from anywhere, on any device.

How to Always Know Future Salesforce Release Dates in 7 Simple Steps

So, your boss or client just asked you when a future Salesforce release will be, but it hasn't been announced yet. Sure, you could email Mike Gerholdt or Reid Carlberg, but they're probably too busy doing something awesome. Don't worry, I have you covered. There's a simple, foolproof* process to figure out when future releases...

Understanding Salesforce License Types For Optimization and Cost Reduction > Cymetrix Software Blog

Whenever you choose to switch to salesforce, the first step is to decide which edition befits your requirements the most. It is an important process to understand salesforce features, limitations, and pricing as one wrong choice may result in such consequences that can't be undone.

Three Simple Ways Any Business Can Use Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence

There are so many misconceptions about artificial intelligence - from evil movie robots to computers plotting to take our jobs - that many people may assume it's too difficult or risky to even fool with. It's not. We have three easy ways any business can use Salesforce Einstein AI.

Boost Revenue with Commercient Integration for Sage 100 and Salesforce

Sage 100 is an industry-leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that helps you manage your manufacturing, distribution, and service industry processes, from beginning to end. It helps run your company's operations, so you can grow revenues, reduce costs, and increase profitability. This ERP is feature-rich, dependable, and highly customizable.

Salesforce Transforms CRM with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

The global leader in CRM took the tech world by storm with its recent AI technology, Salesforce Einstein ; it is Artificial Intelligence built right into the Salesforce platform, and it makes Salesforce the world's smartest CRM.

Top Helpful Youtube Channels to get you started with Salesforce

Salesforce skills can help advance careers for beginners or for anyone who wants to get in the Salesforce ecosystem. Job seekers can find high-demand, high-paying and high-growth jobs such as administrators, salesforce developers, and salesforce architects. Knowledge in Salesforce enhances sales, marketing, business analytics, customer service and IT professionals.

This Tech Leader Zoomed With 300 Chief Information Security Office Leaders Since COVID Hit

Every New Year, Sanjay Poonen, chief operating officer for VMware, asks his wife and kids, "What can I do to be a better dad, and a better husband?" - an informal "performance-review" with his family. Last year his three kids responded, "Dad, would you mind, when you come back home, putting the phone away?"

5 Latest Productivity Features by Salesforce: A Sigh of Relief for Sales Reps –...

Do you know that 66% of the sales reps invest their time into administrative tasks instead of working towards adding value to customers? This is a surprising number, of course. Due to this, sales reps face a huge amount of pressure.

Trailhead Trailblazers: At UMass Lowell, Students Prepare For Careers With Salesforce CRM Curriculum

See how UMass Lowell prepares students for careers with a curriculum that teaches Salesforce CRM skills. The unique program has been such a model for learning that in March 2018, more than 100 Manning School students participated via webcam in the TrailheadDX Developer Conference, which drew more than 10,000 attendees.

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