Continuous integration for Salesforce applications

Note from the publisher: This post was updated by Gabriel Simmer on 8/11/2020 to add the new Salesforce SFDX Apex orb. Great news, Salesforce application developers! ? We've made it easier to build, test, and deploy your Salesforce apps with CircleCI.

Lightning Web Components: Build Once, Use Everywhere

First, let's start by cloning the Github repository containing some example code. git clone Now, you can open the cloned project in VS Code by either running this command from the cloned directory or manually by selecting File > Open and select your local folder.

Episode 42: Salesforce DX Architecture Considerations with John Daniel – Salesforce Developers Blog

John Daniel is a Salesforce architect for the B3 group. Even before working with Salesforce, he had encountered programs that had constant issues and technical debt. He found that Salesforce projects brought unique challenges when it comes to designing at the org level and maintaining properly divided applications that respect a separation of concerns.

How to Work with Developer Sandboxes and the Salesforce CLI (2 of 2) –...

This is the second post in a two-part series presenting how to work with Developer Sandboxes and the Salesforce CLI. Over the course of this series, we'll cover: Part 1: Sandbox Management Manage sandboxes with the Salesforce CLI Clone sandboxes instead of creating new ones Initialize sandboxes with a custom Apex class (Beta) Secure your ...

Keeping SOX Compliance with Salesforce – Flosum – Continuous Integration, release management

If you have not heard of the Enron scandal it's the reason we have SOX compliance requirements today. Long story short, Andrew Fastow, CFO of Enron, misled investors by hiding company losses in offshore entities and sent the stock from ninety dollars a share to just sixty cents almost overnight.

Resolution of Managed Packages – Salesforce DX Developer Guide – Forcetalks

First, we create an org and enable the DX version in it that is DEVHUB. Enabling DEV HUB ensures that we can use Salesforce DX features in that Org. We also need to install CLI for working with DX tools in the terminal window.

How and Why to Switch to Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) – CloudKettle

If you're currently using MavensMate or Eclipse within Salesforce, transitioning to the Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) should be a priority for you. In the last year and a half, Salesforce has stopped supporting a number of development environments like these. This post discusses the benefits of switching to Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX), and how to make the transition seamlessly.

12 of the Best Salesforce Developer Resources

Last week we published one of our most popular posts ever: a list of Salesforce DX resources for those that want to learn more. In the process of writing that post we came across a host of Salesforce blogs, podcasts and resources that we thought everyone should be aware of.

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