Workplace Burnout: Identifying and Overcoming the Silent Foe

Workplace burnout is a prime cause of concern, both for employees and companies. The inclusion of workplace burnout in the Handbook of Medical Diagnoses by the World...

Resume Preparation Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Recruiters, on average, spend 6 seconds to scan your resume. Yes, you read it right! These 6 seconds determine the odds of success of your job application....

8 Common Hiring Myths Busted

Hiring depends on many aspects. Some candidates wonder if hiring takes place during the year-end while others have no idea when is the good time to approach...

6 Reasons To Leverage Vertical Search for Business Growth

Search engines, especially vertical search engines, link consumers and businesses like no other medium. Either a user performs voice to text on a smart device or types...

Future of Healthcare: Healthcare Technology Trends

The pandemic mandated unanticipated changes across every business. The Healthcare sector, in specific, underwent rapid changes along with handling challenges. Healthcare organizations are now gearing up for...

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