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Rising Above Disruption: How Businesses Are Adapting to the COVID-19 Crisis

Over the last few months, business practices around the world have changed. Face-to-face meetings have given way to video calls. Homes have become the new offices. And technology is not just a utility anymore, but a lifeline. To talk through some of the trends and new opportunities, ETCIO and Salesforce hosted a virtual panel discussion onThe Side Effects of Disruption .

Salesforce donates $9M each to SFUSD and OUSD

Salesforce has donated a total of $18 million to support Bay Area schools in advance of the new school year, which begins this month. With the contribution, the company said it hopes to support teachers and help close the digital technology divide amid the pandemic.

CVS and Salesforce team-up for safe return to work play in a still-changing COVID...

Earlier this week Salesforce and CVS Health announced a new tie-up as part of both organizations pushes to re-open workplaces safely, pooling their respective Work.com and Return Ready offerings. Work.com was rolled out by Salesforce in May as a set of applications for COVID-19 workplace requirements, including on-site visitor management, shift scheduling and wellness checks, while Return Ready is a CVS package to provide workplaces and colleges with various testing options.

CircleCI Adds to Salesforce CI/CD Orbs Collection – DevOps.com

By Mike Vizard on CircleCI today announced it has extended its CI/CD support for DevOps teams building applications that extend the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform from Salesforce. Company CEO Jim Rose said interest in building applications that complement the Salesforce platform is rising sharply in the wake of the economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Perform a Skills Gap Analysis for Your Business

A skills gap is the difference between skills that employers want or need and the skills that their workforce offers. Keeping your company future-proof means developing your talent and preparing your team to tackle new challenges. Conducting a skills gap analysis helps you identify the skills you need to meet your business goals and prepare for the 'Next Normal'.

Top B2B Sales Tools for Remote Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way B2B sales teams operate. A recent SalesRoads report found that for about 60% of organizations, more than half of their sales staff are now working remotely for the first time ever, and many of those businesses expect it to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

The Transformation Playbook

Business transformation has reached a critical inflection point. For decades, businesses competed on the ability to build and distribute the best product or service. Leaders thought, "Build it and they will come." It made sense to put the product at the center of a business.

Students & Teachers of San Francisco and Oakland School Districts Talk Technology and the...

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every part of society, including education. Schools moved online overnight and students are relying on technology to connect with their school, teachers, and counselors. To that end, Salesforce today announced $20 million in grants to support five public school districts - investing in the success of students, teachers and principals as their communities recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salesforce awards $20 million for equitable student learning

San Francisco-based Salesforce has announced a $20 million commitment to five public school districts across the country in support of efforts to advance racial equity and close a digital divide that has widened as a result of COVID-19.

Salesforce Announces Work.com For Schools and $20 Million to Help Schools Reopen Safely and...

Technology helps schools make smart decisions on when it's safe to return to campus, monitor the health of students and teachers, and better support those who are learning remotely Company grants $20 million to San Francisco, Oakland, Indianapolis, Chicago and New York City school districts to support distance learning and

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