Resume Preparation Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Recruiters, on average, spend 6 seconds to scan your resume. Yes, you read it right! These 6 seconds determine the odds of success of your job application....

8 Common Hiring Myths Busted

Hiring depends on many aspects. Some candidates wonder if hiring takes place during the year-end while others have no idea when is the good time to approach...

6 Reasons To Leverage Vertical Search for Business Growth

Search engines, especially vertical search engines, link consumers and businesses like no other medium. Either a user performs voice to text on a smart device or types...

Virtual Interview: Best Practices and Preparation Tips

  Virtual interviews transformed the interaction between the candidates and the recruiters radically so much so that the knowledge of virtual interview best practices is indispensable for...

Recruitment trends 2021: How should companies and candidates equip?

The tumultuous 2020 is nearing the end. The global economy is slowly gaining traction and all our eyes are set on the recruitment trends in 2021. Owing...

Artificial Intelligence: The Game Changer of Recruitment

  Artificial Intelligence for recruitment is changing the face of hiring slowly, but steadily. The visible fact that there is a rise in the market for artificial intelligence...

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