Note from the publisher: This post was updated by Gabriel Simmer on 8/11/2020 to add the new Salesforce SFDX Apex orb [].

Great news, Salesforce application developers! 🎉 We’ve made it easier to build, test, and deploy your Salesforce apps with CircleCI. Now you can create an automated development pipeline with the help of our integrations with Salesforce: the Salesforce SFDX CLI orb [] and the new Salesforce SFDX Apex orb [].


The Salesforce SFDX CLI orb has been updated to focus specifically on the SFDX CLI. We created a new orb, the Salesforce SFDX Apex orb, to focus on the process of testing and deploying your application.

This post will show you how to quickly get up and running with an automated development pipeline on CircleCI. We will utilize the ebikes-lwc […

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