In a recent report [] by Deloitte Digital and Salesforce, we surveyed more than 500 global brands to determine the impact of data not only on customer experience, but on the business performance of the brand itself. One of the key findings: brands that focus on data to a higher degree perform better than those who do not.

Still, many brands are not prioritizing data and AI. For a deeper look at the mindset of today’s data leaders, we chatted with Rama Ramakrishnan, Senior Vice President of Data Science for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Heike: Elite performers, which we characterize as brand leaders that reported a revenue increase of at least 10% in the past fiscal year, focus on data at nearly 2x higher rates than under-performers. Is that a surprise? How does focusing on data drive B2C brands to success?

Rama: This is not a surpri…

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