Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool for enterprises, but it can be made even more awesome by integrating document automation into its platform. Using the latest integration and embedding techniques an organization can seamlessly automate a process like document generation that would take hours to perform manually.

Integrated document automation for Salesforce is the process of incorporating the functions of document generation into the already existing workflow of the CRM. This process would be difficult if it involved programming the software or as a standalone, but with seamless integration of a solution like Windward Studios, this process is made simple.


Salesforce is designed to integrate with other enterprise software that is commonly used. Like document automation software as well as Microsoft Office applications among others. This makes the merging process user friendly so that anyone with a bit of training on how to use the application can execute different workflows without the involvement of technical support. The true capabilities of Salesforce can be realized through this integration.

Importance of Integration and Embedding for Business Users

Most enterprises today need to keep track of several applications and processes that are managed by independent software. This can create a challenge in memorizing what is doing what and where. In the long run, the technology that is supposed to make workflows simpler may become a problem to manage. Integration and embedding for business users provide a solution to this challenge.

It does more than simply connect applications, it creates an ecosystem in which interaction is made flawless and furthers the productivity of an organization. Businesses today have collaborations between different teams utilizing various software and applications like document automation, this makes it important that all these can be accommodated within the same ecosystem.

With integration and embedding of the document automation solution, a business can achieve the following benefits:

Reduced Time Spent on Repetitive Workflows

Integration makes it possible to automate the document generation process. This saves time since tasks that are repeatedly carried out can be automated. With that effected, time that would be spent checking for mistakes is no longer wasted because documents will be error-free. The software is quick and easy to learn, therefore much more is produced in a shorter time.

Eliminates the Need for a Designer or Technician

With integration and embedding, a familiar ecosystem is created to merge and connect the different sources of data needed to automate documents. In this environment, there is no need for a designer to create templates since familiar programs like Microsoft office can be utilized and then merged with salesforce to create documents simply and fast. By doing this, a user can enjoy the advantages of using salesforce without depending on a technician every time they need to utilize a particular feature.

Enhanced Security

It would be difficult to implement security for independent software and applications. With the integration, there is a single environment that has to be secured so that is much easier to keep track of. Documents and data can be watched over using secure protocols that can be encrypted with ease or with already existing infrastructure. Even if more security tools need to be used, they are easier to keep track of within the same ecosystem.

Reduces Resources Devoted to Document Generation

Although automation may free up the human resource needed to create documents, sometimes an organization ends up having to invest in several tools to enable different applications to work together. With embedding and integration, this need is reduced or even eliminated as applications can merge using the latest features. Also, since extra programming is not needed, the technical resource is freed up to concentrate on other key functions of the organization. This will save money and resources as well.

Better Efficiency Which Makes Customers Happier

Organizations can work more efficiently if they do not have to worry about technology being too complicated for everyone to utilize. This improves the service that is given to the customers and they will be happy. It usually translates into more business which is what organizations love to achieve.

With integrated document automation for salesforce, it is hardly noticeable that the organization is depending on different tools and software to carry out document creation needs. It is a seamless addition to the way organizations can work efficiently even when the users are not IT experts.

Whether a business wishes to send a simple invoice to a client or generate a complex contract, the process will be fast and easy with the help of this technology that works together in a centralized environment.

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