Why We Need DocuSign?

As there are lots of business needs in which we need to send an email with a document in which users need to sign and then we need to review everything before we get back into Salesforce that’s the situation in which DocuSign helps us in Salesforce World.


There are lots of different but in this article, we’re explaining . In the editions of Docusign on AppExchange Docusign E-Signature. We have two Web app, Our Manage tab works as Gmail for the admin permission user in DocuSign. apps, the first one is our web app DocuSign E-Signature itself and another one is an AppExchange package that we need to

To connect our Salesforce org to our DocuSign web app we first need to install the package from AppExchange then go to:

Web App Configuration

Web app → Setting → Connect → Add Configuration → Add your Salesforce username → Add password that is appended with security token → Check the Sender Selectable Items after successful configure the Salesforce account → you can customize the connection using associated user panel → Add Object on which you want to send the document and also getting signed paper in salesforce → let’s suppose we’re using Account object → In Select Where Panel select Account Id (id) to Envelope External Account → In Attach File Panel change it according to your business needs.

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Salesforce App Configuration (Docusign App Launcher)

Understanding → Docusign Gen Template (Template that doesn’t sync with our DocuSign web app), DocuSign Envelope Template (Template that synced with our DocuSign web app). The template is actually a container that contains multiple documents and multiple signers and single reviewers. Merge Fields are the fields that we are using from Salesforce objects or say the fields whose values will be populated dynamically, We can also create custom fields ( Name, Email, Text, Checkbox, Radio, etc.). We can customize our signing order to restrict the signing process or manage it in a more controlling way.

Go to Docusign App Launcher → Docusign Setup → User Management → Check you’re added as admin permission if not then click on the right side arrow next to your username and click on edit permissions → Check Manage DocuSign Document and Select Generator in DocuSign Gen option → Apply.

Reviewers:- These are the persons who review the signing process like the client signed on each page of the document or something isn’t missing in the document. After reviewers click on the finish button from the email document then it’s available in the Salesforce object record on which the DocuSign button was added.

Firstly We create an envelope template in Salesforce →Select Data Source (Please try to select the object that has most of the merge fields and the relationship to another object to make merge field) → At least 1 document required → At Least 1 recipient is required (Each time First recipient is work as a reviewer and all others are signers) →

Merge Field → Add the field from standard or custom object in Salesforce → now place your field (Merge/Custom/Standard fields) 1 time or change formatting according to your need → option (Retention policy of documents, You can change it according to your need) → Add Button on Layout of Source Object (Note:- If you delete that template then their button on layout doesn’t remove or delete. So don’t be confused by giving the same name on a button for different templates).

After successfully creating a template check it in the Web app of DocuSign it is successfully Sync.

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  1. There are some limits in Salesforce Max file size limit is 60000.
  2. Sometimes a Docusign web app crashed (After Syncing template from salesforce org). So we need to re-login in a web app.
  3. Documents in Salesforce maybe not uploaded because of styling rules, heading style, etc.
  4. If you are an admin of a DocuSign web app and also need to sign on a document then the document that is assigned to you for the signing process comes in the Manage Tab of the DocuSign web app, not in your Gmail.

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