First Galvin Technologies built a Lightning Web Component capable of bringing data from the multiple systems together inside Salesforce. Lightning Web Components are a Salesforce programming model using modern web standards for developing large-scale, high-performance applications more easily. Components supercharge developer innovation with enhanced performance, improved system productivity, framework interoperability, and apps created through clicks and limited code.

Next the team created an automated import process for keeping the information accurate and up to date. Galvin then configured the Lightning User Interface to display contract, order, and product data within a single view. What once represented a game of hide-and-seek now placed key customer data front and center.


The Results

Galvin’s Salesforce development strategy delivered results perfect for Emplify’s performance-focused culture. The streamlined solution benefitted clients, drove sales, and gave valuable time back to a busy Customer Success team.

Improved Customer Experience – connecting the systems’ information within Salesforce improved customer response times and answer accuracy. Emplify prides itself on being “customer obsessed” and having a unified system capable of supporting that passion made a big difference.

Increased Sales Opportunities – before the enhancements, clients lacked knowledge regarding their purchased product features or when the contract expired, and Customer Success struggled to help. The Salesforce data solution created a single point of truth for all users. The consolidated data allowed for client discussions on leveraging current features and empowered employees to present upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Plus, the team could proactively address client renewals avoiding any lapses in service.

Better Visibility – the joined data fed new dashboards and reports in Salesforce. Management now could see customer revenue data for better projections and new sales options within the existing client base. The enhanced visibility also provided opportunities for staff coaching and training, which represents a major component of employee engagement. After years of struggling with the old process, the Client Success team reported feeling a new way – successful.

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