Data build tool (dbt) has introduced packages specific for Fivetran that enriches the data for refined goals in when a connection is established with the source. When these packages are executed, additional tables are added in the destination which otherwise requires intensive manual effort to generate them. These packages are available for the sources GitHub, Salesforce, NetSuite, Mailchimp and Marketo.

With these packages, Fivetran data from your sources also gets enriched:


* To have descriptions over tables and columns
* To have recent data from the source to be considered by conducting freshness tests
* To have model staging tables to be used in transform package
* To have primary key tests for unique and non-null values

In a collaborative environment like GitHub contextual information like assignees and history for issues and pull requests are maintained in such a way that it is easier to define API extracts for a specific one. As an organization, if you are interest…

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