[https://miro.medium.com/fit/c/96/96/2*j1se1oPoY1qdM59k5Q_niQ.jpeg] [https://engineering.salesforce.com/@AlyssaArvin?source=post_page—–38754167c00d———————-] We are back with our second FOSS Fund [https://engineering.salesforce.com/announcing-the-first-foss-contributor-fund-recipient-60a295201497] recipient of the year! The FOSS Fund has been a great way for us to financially support and sustain the larger open source ecosystem. It’s an easy way for your company to give back as well. But before we dive into why it’s important to contribute our dollars to open source let’s make the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. The winner of our $10,000 FOSS Fund for this quarter is…

ESLint [https://eslint.org/]! In the simplest terms ESLint finds and fixes problem in your JavaScript code. Nicholas C. Zakas, ES Lint Technical Steering Committee Member, describes how ESLint uses financial contributions:

ESLint uses donations from companies like Salesforce to pay our mainta…

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