For an established SME with a long track record of success, it can be difficult to change established mindsets, even in an age of massive digital transformation. No one knows this better than Dave Keefer, Business Development Manager for KBAC, one of South Africa’s leading flooring distributors. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, many businesses struggled to find their footing, but not KBAC. The company had started their digital transformation a year earlier, and this would turn out to be surprisingly prescient.

Below, Robin Fisher, Senior AVP for Emerging Markets, engages Keefer in a discourse on how digital transformation has impacted KBAC, especially during a crisis.


Dave Keefer: KBAC has been around for over 50 years, but until last year we were still using roughly the same paper-based system that we started with. Customer centricity, resilience and agility were crucial objectives for us, so we knew that it was time to transform. B…

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