The retail industry has experienced seismic changes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses have been forced to shut their doors and digitally transform. One of the ways retail companies have succeeded during these difficult times is by providing an engaging digital experience that emphasises personalisation and community.

Salesforce’s customer relationship management software is being used throughout the retail industry to help companies digitally transform and prepare for the future. Let’s take a look at how Salesforce features are helping retail companies grow.


Understand Your Customers and Improve Communication

With Salesforce you can build comprehensive customer profiles and buyer personas through the insightful customer data you collect. These profiles will improve your understanding of your data and allow you to serve a wide variety of customers. The automated processes and predictive intelligence within the Salesforce CRM will help you create appropriate responses to customer behaviour.

Enable Customer Support

The success of any retail company depends on the quality of their customer service. Companies that know and communicate with their customers are able to provide the best support. The Salesforce CRM uses AI, insightful analytics and automated features to ensure that employees at any level can respond to customer issues effectively and efficiently. Simple chatbots will also help retail employees deal with customer queries in real-time.

Use AI to Make the Right Decisions

With the Salesforce CRM, retail businesses can stay ahead of the game and outfox their competitors. To some extent, retailers need to forecast future buying trends and tailor their strategies – the Salesforce CRM helps you do just that. Salesforce Einstein is an AI system that helps you connect from a place of understanding and deliver a fast, personalised experience to your customers.

Enhance Collaboration

Salesforce makes effective collaboration easy and essential to your business operations. With Salesforce, you can run your entire business operations through one integrated platform that all your departments can use. You receive a bird’s-eye view of your operations as well as the capacity to delve into the details of initiatives all through your company.

Seamless data flow and easy communication across your organisation will make it easy to interact with customers and reach creative solutions to cross-departmental queries.

Run Effective and Creative Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is vital to winning customer loyalty and reaching new customers. Salesforce makes it easy to personalise communication with customisable messages, social content and emails. This, in turn, will lead to an uptick in lead generation and conversions. Through Salesforce, you can manage discounts, loyalty schemes and rewards programs to drive sales.

Segment Your Customer Base

Retailers greatly benefit from being able to segment their customers and personalised, targeted marketing experiences. This is easily achieved with Salesforce. The Salesforce marketing cloud helps you build customer relationships with data-first digital marketing. With Salesforce, you can understand the types of customers you serve and, with AI-powered personalisation, engage with every type of customer as your business evolves.

Salesforce for the Retail Industry

Salesforce is being used throughout the retail industry because it is reliable, flexible and intuitive. To learn more about implementing Salesforce and how you can improve your workflow and customer relationships, schedule a call today with one of our solution experts.

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