You may be wondering if your company needs to invest in Salesforce consulting services. They can seem expensive and unnecessary, but they are necessary for large organizations. There are many benefits to hiring a Salesforce consultant, like a better understanding of the business performance and improved customer engagement.

But that doesn’t mean your business should be using Salesforce just because all of your competitors are. Rather, you need to evaluate your business and figure out if Salesforce will have an effect on its growth. Here are some things to consider when thinking about if you need Salesforce Consulting.


You’re overwhelmed by lead flow

A CRM may be required if you are fortunate enough to have a steady influx of new business, but are unable to keep up with it. A sophisticated CRM system targets and prioritizes your leaders in real time, allowing your sales team to respond quickly and efficiently.

A CRM will definitely help you to manage lead flow without becoming overwhelmed, but implementing a CRM on your own is prone to a lot of mistakes. At that point, hiring a consultant to come in and fix your CRM would cost more than just getting a consultant in the first place. Experienced Salesforce consultants, like RTS Labs, will get you set up and running, and train you on using the CRM platform so you feel comfortable using it.

Your customer data is messy and difficult to organize

Spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes may have served you well in your youth. However, these outdated technologies limit your team’s visibility and ability to make informed judgments quickly as the situation evolves.

A CRM system comes into play: it provides your whole organization with a single, central source of easily accessible information, allowing you to enhance sales success rates and customer retention.

Does your VP of Sales prefer something else?

Forcing a sales officer to use a CRM she has never used or is uncomfortable with is a significant time waste. That is not something you should do. That is not something you should do. The same can be said about your Marketing Vice President and your marketing automation system, among other things.

Given Salesforce’s market dominance in technology companies, your Sales VP will almost certainly use Salesforce when you hire him or her.

You don’t have details on your sales team performance

It’s critical to understand what your salespeople do and how they perform, whether they’re working in the office or on the road. Team members may update the details of their mobile devices using a powerful customer relationship management system, allowing you to monitor and respond to information as soon as you need it.

A great CRM solution not only allows you to keep track of what’s going on in your company, but it also helps you identify where additional resources should be deployed and accurately anticipate future sales.

Your customer service needs boosting

Customers may be as difficult as they are. You want to be the last one to lose them due to poor service. If you find yourself spending more time responding to customer complaints than anticipating customer needs, Salesforce has numerous AI-powered tools that will be beneficial to you.

The ability to efficiently manage case flow with a single view of your customer allows your clients to demonstrate and sustain excellent service.

In addition, smart CRM systems enable you to increase the learning power across customer service providers, turn cases into the proper representative and let agents respond to queries with shared knowledge. You may also build self-help groups that allow clients to find their own answers to more difficult instances.

You need to manage valuable accounts with long-term clients

Not every customer is the same. Your most important and valuable customers will almost certainly go unnoticed. A CRM system can automatically remind your most significant clients of important dates and events, making it simple to send timely alerts and guarantee that they are remembered.

CRM systems may also help a business keep track of its employees. This not only allows you to customize your message even more, but it also allows you to maintain a relationship with an account even if your contact information has changed.

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