[https://i0.wp.com/amazon.asagarwal.com/images/2020_07_16_generate_and_use_qr_code_in_salesforce.png?resize=232%2C466&ssl=1]A QR code (stands for Quick Response code) is a type of two-dimensional barcode made up of matrix of dots. It contains information in strings of characters and can be scanned with a QR scanner or using your smartphone’s camera.

QR Code was first introduced in 1994 by Japanese firm DENSO WAVE Inc. to address the limitations of the barcode that could hold approximately 20 alphanumeric characters only.

Initially designed for the automobile industry, it’s usage has expanded exponentially. It is now used by companies in many creative ways to connect with their customers

Generic uses of QR Code includes

* Provide a link to the company’s website
* Link to a Google Map to provide directions
* Link to a PayPal Account to allow people to make mobile payments
* Redirect your audience to social network accounts
* Point to App Store to download an app


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