[https://miro.medium.com/fit/c/96/96/1*bWINb1sO-TDfdvNNPZIa5g.jpeg] [https://medium.com/@bmetcalf78?source=post_page—–55a0d4627952———————-] How do you know if your business is on track?

Startup founders and business owners have to juggle a million and one different variables in order to build and run a successful company. The problem is, when you get too hyper-focused on “the weeds” of the business, it can be easy to lose sight of the horizon line. Where are you headed in the long term? What are your expectations for the next six, twelve, and eighteen months? And, most importantly, how confident are you that you’ll get there?


The reality is that many business owners have very little definition around what it means to be “on track” outside of this month or quarter. They pay attention to their sales, keeping their customers happy, and trying to make more money than they spend. But from a 30,000-foot perspective, it can be difficult to know where the business will be si…

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