The Salesforce Process Automation Accreditation is the latest exam success for Val Southern. The exam covers the likes of Process Builder, Approval Process, Workflow, and Einstein Next Best Action. We spoke to Val to find out more about how she approached the exam, as well as any tips she might have for other Salesforce professionals thinking of taking this exam.

What made you decide to take the Process Automation Accreditation?

As a self-confessed process automation fan (flow-natic??), I’m always on the lookout for ways to test my knowledge. I like to keep up with the latest automation features to recommend or implement for Cloud Galacticos customers. When the Partner Learning Camp launched some new accreditation exams, I immediately searched for an automation exam to have a go at!


How did you approach the prep?

I’m normally very methodical about the approach to any exam. Usually I’ll go through the exam guide carefully and make a list of the areas I need to prioritise for learning or need refreshing. Then I’ll search for resources, prepare my own notes for revision and make sure I’m ready before exam day.

With this exam, I was feeling confident because, as part of my role, I work with all types of Salesforce automation tools regularly and I recently refreshed my knowledge through Trailhead and research. On stepping through the specific exam prep curriculum, I found I had already recently completed most of the modules, so I finished the rest, stepped out of character and signed up to take the exam on the same day!

How difficult was the Process Automation Accreditation? Any tips for people thinking of doing it?

I’d say it was reasonably tough. As usual there were straight questions and scenario-based questions. I certainly didn’t attain a 100% score but managed to secure a pass!

As always, I would not recommend a ‘flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants’ approach. But I did learn to relax a little in an area I know very well.

My advice would be to absorb as much information as possible. Cover all areas of Salesforce automation through researching release notes, completing the curriculum for the exam, and feel confident in your own experience!

What does passing the accreditation mean to you in terms of your daily work?

This accreditation confirms to me that I am on-track in keeping up to date with the automation tools available to do my job well and will hopefully provide customers with the confidence of my experience and knowledge in this area.

Do you have any other Salesforce certifications you plan to take in the future?

I plan to complete Certified B2B Solution Architect as soon as time will allow. This follows on from the Certified Application Architect which I gained this earlier. It will help to re-cement my studies from that, plus hopefully hone my Architect skills further.

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