A skills gap is the difference between skills that employers want or need and the skills that their workforce offers. Keeping your company future-proof means developing your talent and preparing your team to tackle new challenges. Conducting a skills gap analysis helps you identify the skills you need to meet your business goals and prepare for the ‘Next Normal’.

You can conduct a skills gap analysis [https://www.salesforce.com/eu/blog/2020/07/skills-gap-analysis-template.html] on both individual and company levels.


* For individuals, identify the skills a particular position requires and compare them to an existing employee’s skill set.

* For the company, you can evaluate your current projects and the skills they may require, then determine if your current employees have those skills. If not, you can implement employee training programs or hire externally on an as-needed basis.

Human resources managers are invaluable to this process, particularly wit…

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