Using Salesforce Successfully for Sales Management

SFA (Sales Force Automation) is the flagship of SFA helps automate sales processes within an organisation and streamline sales teams overall. Provides an up-to-date overview of the actual sales status and predictions for an individual or an organisation. A simple and easy-to-use user interface enables companies to quickly adapt Salesforce to their own needs. Companies can manage themselves, and their business processes more efficiently and successfully sell more. With Salesforce, your salespeople will be able to spend more on selling and spend less time on administration.

  • Quickly adapts to your sales processes, style and organisation structure
  • End of reports. Salesforce creates them for you whenever you need them for your decisions
  • The implementation is fast and straightforward, you will not wait for anything, install anything
  • Salesforce has been developed by retailers, so you will quickly learn to work with it

Salesforce will love your salespeople

Traders need a solution that makes their work more relaxed, not complicated. Thanks to Salesforce, they will have access to data about their customers, business opportunities from anywhere and of any place. They will never have the stress of not delivering reports. Moreover, they will not change their way of working. For example, if they use Microsoft Office and Outlook will continue to use it. They will only have new options that will allow them to send e-mails that are automatically saved to a customer card in Salesforce, for example.

What Salesforce will bring to you as a sales team manager

Especially real control over what your team is doing. In Salesforce, you will have an overview of all the traders and their activities. You will be able to control every business opportunity and monitor in detail what is going on. Also, thanks to a sophisticated reporting system, sales forecasts and other tools, the system will inform you of the things you should know about. You can also set up an approval and notification system to suit your needs.

A system that top management will truly trust

For decision-making at the highest level, accurate data is necessary to correctly evaluate the company’s performance and future prospects. Senior managers need a system that answers essential questions simply, comprehensibly and quickly. With easy-to-edit reports and graphical dashboards, they get real-time data. These reports are helpful to make critical decisions, even when they’re away from the office and also if they have a Blackberry or iPhone with them.

  • Comprehensive management of sales teams
  • Managing new business opportunities
  • Business case management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Manage tasks and meetings within sales teams
  • Management of regional sales teams
  • Partner network management
  • Create sales analysis and forecasts
  • Create Reports and Charts
  • Have control of the data quality in the database
  • Manage product catalogue
  • Manage contracts and contracts
  • Manage work with documents
  • Automatically create Word documents from templates (contracts, offers … etc.)
  • Use standardised templates for email communication
  • Use Salesforce out of the office from mobile devices or even as an offline application
  • Link to your Excel and Word documents
  • Integrate with your internal systems

*) Source: Average value based on Market Tools, Inc.’s 3,500 customers.

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