This is the second post in a two-part series presenting how to work with Developer Sandboxes and the Salesforce CLI. Over the course of this series, we’ll cover:

* * Manage sandboxes with the Salesforce CLI
* Clone sandboxes instead of creating new ones
* Initialize sandboxes with a custom Apex class (Beta)
* Secure your production Org with sandbox-only users
* Import sample data
* Refresh outdated sandboxes
* Delete unused sandboxes


* Prefer the source format over the metadata format
* Retrieve metadata with the Org Browser
* Retrieve metadata that do not support wildcards in package.xml (reports, dashboards…)
* Remove metadata that’s no longer needed
* Leverage Custom Metadata to pass configuration from Production to your Developer Sandbox
* Test metadata deployments

In this final part, we’ll focus on metadata management for Developer sandboxes, but these best practices can be expan…

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