From CEO to Intern, every seniority level in your organisation can benefit from an optimised Salesforce solution. Don’t believe us? Consider the following benefits that directly relate to every title on your internal org hierarchy.

Speaking the language of the C-Suite can be difficult for those not in the same position, and it’s important to ensure that the facts and figures you provide to these team members are presented in a comprehension-friendly way. Each chief executive needs to understand their unique KPIs fully, but the language and style a CMO requires this information is typically far different than how the CFO wants theirs.


Thankfully this is something that Salesforce can handle with ease.

With Salesforce reports and dashboards, C-Suite executives can be provided with the information they need to understand how the business is operating, all from a single platform; be it productivity reports for the COO or final revenue information for the CFO; these reports can be created in different formats, like charts, graphs or simple line items. This data provides actionable insights that can be used to make decisions right away, plus it can be easily drilled down further for more specific details.


A VP works in a duality of worlds, with one foot in the world of the C-Suite and the other in the world of Managers and Specialists. VPs need to be able to access both broad and granular information about business operations and use that information in a way that’s beneficial to the parties that look to them for clarity. Salesforce reports provide VPs all the information they need with the click of a button, whether that be high-level data tables contact-level information about a singular lead or customer. With thoughtfully designed dashboards and interfaces, they would only have to go so far as their homepage to get most of the information they need to lead meetings or provide strategic insight for their team. Given the ongoing growth of Salesforce, VPs can also make the most of their team by continually enhancing their solution to take on new projects, new tools and understand data more clearly. These tech advancements mean their team(s) can work better and smarter without changing systems, a real benefit to every team member.

Directors & Managers

Depending on your organisation’s structure, you may have directors, you may have managers, or you may have both, with the latter reporting to the former. Whichever circumstance is most closely aligned with your own, these roles can significantly benefit from a Salesforce solution.

With Salesforce, team leaders can easily manage and oversee their team, with an easily accessible full picture of what their reps or agents are working on at any time. Timely reports and dashboards can provide up-to-the-minute data on how sales, service and marketing programs are operating without needing to intervene or touch-base with team members. With Activities, leaders can track tasks, set up meetings, and review accounts, campaigns, contacts, leads and opportunities with ease. Salesforce can simplify the approvals process too, removing the need for multiple systems and email chasing.

Specialists / Agents / Reps

For those team members closest to your customers like Specialists, Agents or Reps, who rely on a CRM system to handle all their day-to-day activities, Salesforce is the perfect solution to their needs. These roles request a tool that’s intuitive enough to respond to needs as they arise, be it customer-needs or internal-needs, and user-friendly enough to be easy to navigate in a flash.

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