In Salesforce, If you want to set up the outlook Integration. First, you have to know about what is the use of Salesforce integration with outlook?

Outlook Integration in Salesforce is a kind of setup of product that provides sales agents the ability to do their work from email applications. Outlook integration gives you the Salesforce records straightforwardly inside Outlook and provides access to log emails and events to Salesforce data.

To access Outlook in Salesforce you need to make these settings. Follow below steps for outlook integration:

  1. Go to Setup → Enter Outlook Integration in quick find box → Select Outlook Integration and Sync.
  2. First, you have to Enable Outlook Integration then Click on Active and Notify Reps (it’s open the Email to Salesforce screen) → Enable Active and Advanced Email Security Settings Checkbox → Click Save.

  3. Go to Setup → Search Outlook in the quick find box → Select Outlook Configuration → Click on New Outlook Configuration.
  4. Enter name, active checkbox true, and select users which you want to give permission for outlook sync.

  5. In the Data settings sections, Enable Set default sync setting to Sync All Outlook Items and Allow users to select attachments.
  6. In contacts, for sync directions choose to sync both ways & for Conflict Behavior choose outlook always wins.

  7. Similarly, do it for tasks & events.
  8. Click on Save.

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To download Salesforce for Outlook Add-Ons follow the below steps:

  1. Go to My settings → Enter Outlook in the quick find box → Select Salesforce for Outlook.
  2. You can button.Download the Salesforce for Outlook Add-on using the Download (Version)

To access Salesforce in Outlook:

  1. Make sure your outlook is connected with Microsoft Exchange.
  2. Right-click on Salesforce for outlook add-ons and select settings.
  3. After clicking on the Settings tab it opens the Salesforce login page. Enter your username and password and Login into your Salesforce account

  4. Click on the Allow button.
  5. Click on Next
  6. Click on Next. Click on Save.
  7. Now go to your outlook and Click on Add-ins → Enter Salesforce on Search box → Add Salesforce.

Let’s discuss some features of Outlook Add-ins, Salesforce :

If you want to send emails to Salesforce records using outlook we have to first enable Email to Salesforce in Salesforce org.

– Go to Setup → Enter Email to Salesforce in Quick Find box → enable Email to Salesforce.

Then, Go to Personal Settings and click on and add the My Email to Salesforce Email address of outlook in My Acceptable Email Addresses (it’s optional)

In Outlook, Click on Log Email on Send as shown below.

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When we Log an Email then in bcc the email of that Salesforce org is visible and then we click on the Send button. Salesforce saves the email to the Activity History (related list) on the reasonable data.

We can select any contacts, leads, and also the person accounts where the email address matches the email address on the email or event for Salesforce records. We can forward the email sent to Outlook from another email address to the Salesforce record.

In an open email, it perceives that email addresses don’t match a record in Salesforce. So we can leverage the feature of Outlook to add those people to Salesforce as a new contact or lead.

You can simply create a lead by following these steps,

In outlook click on the + icon → click on create New Lead. then Lead is successfully created into the developer org.

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