How many times have you felt the need to meet your client face to face, but in person instead of a screen? How many times has your boss asked if you were able to get an in-person meeting with your client ever since the un-lockdown kicked in? Been there, done that.


Well, face-to-face meetings through the screen are the new normal, but they weren’t invented yesterday. Corporates have been doing them with clients sitting miles away on a different continent or country for ages. But with Covid-19 forcing everyone to take the digital route to meet people, Salestors world over are forced to accept the new normal and mend their ways.

While I agree that conversations are better when you are sitting in front of the person. Body language, facial expressions, voice modulation and ultimately reading between the lines are facilitated when you can see the person without the screen in the middle. But, having said that, the new normal is the current reality that needs to be accepted. So, we Salestors need to amend our ways of communicating with the client.

Here are some things to be kept in mind while having a business communication over the screen.

In any case, try and avoid having business video calls in the kitchen or the bedroom until you happen to have a separate study table placed in there. And if you happen to use online meeting apps like Zoom, don’t use one of the images as the background just because you think they make for a decent halo. I can guarantee that your audience will be peeping over your head a couple of times throughout the meeting.

Ladies, should you still be ditching make-up?: Maybe. Maybe not. Don’t overdo it just because you will be on-screen, but a little touch up will go a long way in giving you that confidence to shine your brightest during that client meeting. A little mascara combined with a not-too-bright dash of lipstick will do. In any case, choose the lip colour wisely. You don’t want all the attention on your lips 😊. Either way, be sure to find the right balance as too little or too much on camera can break it for you. You may want to test your makeup on your mobile camera before going live.

Lock the Door, maybe?: For those of us with kids, and those who do not want a Robert Kelly like BBC interview ( watch the remote interview goof up here ), locking the door and informing your family about your video calls might be a good idea.

These may look like a lot of don’ts, but we can always do our best to the extent possible to make the meetings worthwhile. Covid-19 has made the world a small place. Digital meetings are here to stay and so is remotely working from home. Hence, each one of us who needs to conduct business communication regularly might have to consider many of these suggestions that I listed in this article. We could consider creating a video conferencing corner in our homes which checks a lot of boxes for a successful video calling experience for us. So all the best for the next VC experience!

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