One of the special superbadge by Salesforce through Trailhead – Lightning Web Components Specialist. Right from the prerequisites, every module and challenge is a nicely curated contents to master Lightning Web Components (LWC). This superbadge in specific helps building reusable granular components. In fact, you need to have better coding style to pass the challenges.


Continue reading to see the prerequisites and guide to arrive at the solution faster.


To unlock the superbadge, you need to complete 4 Trailhead modules:

I would say, you can complete this Trail as well to give some more advantage:

What you learn?

  • Building reusable LWC components inside Lightning App Builder
  • Lightning Message Service (LMS)
  • Lightning Data Service (LDS)
  • Communication between components (Parent to Child and Child to Parent)
  • Wiring Apex
  • Lightning Datatable, Layout, Tabset, Spinner
  • Utilizing External Javascript
  • Navigation between pages
  • Mild Lightning Design System (SLDS)
  • Converting Visualforce component to Lightning Web Component


Once you unlock the superbadge, before going straight to the challenges, I would recommend you to go through the use case once (or even twice if you do this superbadge part-time just as me 😉). But I bet you can complete this in 3 days if you sit continuously 6-8 hours a day (excluding prerequisite modules).

To complete a challenge, refrain from viewing any external sites, better to refer only Salesforce Documentation:

Believe me, you will learn other concepts while searching for a content here. External sites might just provide you the direct solution to your problem and you learn less.

Ultimate aim is not to complete the Superbadge, but to get expertise in Lightning Web Components. Yes!

You can also use these guides to pass the challenges. These guides doesn’t provide you the straight forward solution, but how-to and where-to.

Guide to challenges

Once you get the superbadge, you will be able to take up Special Javascript Developer I certification.

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