Summer is almost upon us and so are in-person events! I’m slowly seeing an uptick of events starting to discuss the options of being in-person, so I’ll try my best as time goes on to point out if something is in-person or virtual. We can still assume everything will be virtual for the most part, but probably in the coming weeks, it won’t be so! So sit back, open up your calendar, and let’s get planning!

We have an in-person, but still socially distanced, event happening this evening (Tuesday, May 25th)! The Salesforce Developer group of Irvine, CA is hosting Seeing Friendly Faces – an In-Person Parkside Chatat 6pm (PDT). This group rented out the Marina park in Newport Beach, which is a nice park on the Balboa peninsula on the water (but don’t try any water activities there if you are a newbie, trust me)! Make sure to bring a blanket, chair, and some snacks and meet them at the picnic tables! You do need to RSVP, as they can only have so many attendees, so make sure to sign up or even cancel if you can no longer attend. Sorry for those who can’t attend virtually anymore, but for those who do get to attend in-person, I hope the sunset is spectacular!


On Wednesday, May 26th Salesforce is hosting How to Attract, Grow, and Retain Customers Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications at 11am (PDT). During this webinar you will learn how to “convert your best leads based on propensity to buy profile, increase your lending profile with white space analysis, drive next-level customer care and reduce attrition, and anticipate asks for member service based on a customer journey.” If your company is ready to dive deeper into customer relationship management and grow market share, then this event is for you!

Ok, so the title of this next webinar says it all – What a Year – Let’s Talk about Mental Health – and I’m over here like yes please! HR and employers have picked up on the strain that employees have undergone in the last year and are wanting to learn how they can support their teams. At 1pm (PDT) on Wednesday, the guest speaker, Dr. Kim Norman, will talk about how generosity and giving back to the community can give employees a sense of purpose and happiness. You know this event is already on my calendar!

The San Francisco, CA Salesforce Marketer (Pardot) group is hosting a B2B Marketing/ Pardot User Group Virtual Happy Hour at 4pm (PDT) on Wednesday as well! This is a typical office hour event, except drinks are welcome! Make sure to RSVP for this 90 minute virtual help session.

We are ending the week learning about Matching the Digital Expectations of Clients: How You Can Avoid Program Interruptions! “This webinar will discuss how organizations can transition to meet program participant’s needs when in-person services are limited and communities’ needs are changing.” If you want to learn more about the digital expectations of your clients and how to meet them, granting remote staff access to data, and the importance of frontline staff having the right technology to support their efforts, then consider signing up! Even though this event is on Thursday, May 27th, it is in a UK virtual event – so pay attention to the 11am (GMT+1) or 12pm (CET) start times.


Starting last week off, we learned How to Convert Hot Leads Amidst Distraction so that marketers can reach prospects of any size and convert them to customers, tactics to deliver high quality leads, and how the marketing automation tool helps them start to finish. The Sacramento, CA Salesforce User group hosted BYOF: Build Your Own Flow Make Flow Builder your new BFF to demonstrate how flows can solve multiple cases. Also, what was the prize they were giving out? The Irvine, CA Salesforce Marketer (Pardot) group hosted a Workshop: How to Build a Pardot Email Engagement Dashboard in Salesforce taking attendees step by step through campaigns and reporting to create a Pardot email engagement dashboard.

The Santa Moncia, CA Salesforce User group hosted Salesforce Trivia on Kahoot – did you get any of the swag they were passing out? The last event, Albanian Dreamin’ 2021, was the first Salesforce event (that I’m aware of) to be in-person in over a year! Did any of you attend? How did you like it? Tweet us @mkpartners and let us know what your favorite event was!

Also, make sure to let us know if you think there are any events worth mentioning and what event you are excited about this upcoming week. And, as always, we will see you in the cloud!

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