I have found another upside about having virtual events! We no longer have to deal with the weather. Of course when the weather’s nice I go to an event, but do you know how many times I decided to not attend an event due to the rain?! I’m just imagining those of you who live in the snow and have to bundle up just to attend a Salesforce office hour. Well we no longer need to do that sort of thing (**or have an excuse**), which is a blessing seeing that winter has finally decided to make an appearance this year in Southern California anyways. So sit back knowing that you don’t have to go anywhere, open up your calendars and let’s get planning!!

We are starting on Monday, January 25th with an event that will ease you into the week. The Portland, OR Nonprofit User group, PDXSung January 2021 Monthly Meeting is hosting an office hour style meeting to help you with issues in your org. This help can range from creating a new report, to building an automation, to setting up permissions. This 3 hour meeting starts at 6pm (PST) and they will be breaking out into rooms so that multiple issues can be worked on at once.


We have no events on Tuesday, but lots of events on Wednesday, January 27th. Salesforce has2 events at 11am (PST) and they are very similar, but differ depending on the industry you are in. B2B Commerce Trends and Next Steps for Manufactures in 2021 focuses on B2B digital ordering for sales teams focusing in the manufacturing field. The National Association of Manufacturers is joining this event to talk about the relevant trends and insights, and how you can apply those trends and insights for this year. Also, you’ll learn about 5 steps that you can do to launch a digital portal.

If you are in the Financial Service Industry, the The Future is Now: Keys to Financial Services Success in 2021 is for you! Salesforce studied trends in this industry as well and found how digital technology is assisting companies with their customers and businesses. You’ll also hear about the differences between FSIs that are focused on growth versus stabilization, what that means for short term and long term success, and the next steps.

We are going to end hump day with aB2B Marketing/ Pardot User Group Virtual Happy Hour! The San Francisco, CC Marketer (Pardot) group is having this event at 4pm (PST). This hour and a half event is going to discuss all things marketing and answer any questions you may have. They do need you to RSVP, so make sure to sign up!

So Thursday, January 28th is bustling! You are going to need to clear your calendar for this. At 9am (PST) we have another “analyzing and applying” trends event for the service industry. 6 Global Trends From the New State of Service will talk about how their data impacts organizations and the next steps businesses need to take. They interviewed 7,000 people across 33 countries for this information, so regardless of where you are located, the size of your business, and how the pandemic has affected your business this information will be helpful!

Also at 9am (PST) 3 Ways to Prepare for the Future of Sales is a 40 minute event that is going to get right to the point! Regardless if you are trying to hit your sales target as an individual or leading a team, this event will talk about the trends and changes that small and medium businesses need to make to maintain their success. This event will also talk about how technology can help and what tactics to use to connect more with customers. This event is similar to an event I wrote about last week, so if you missed that one, you have another chance!

Then at 12pm (PST) the Tacoma Nonprofit User group is hosting January Meeting: Recap of New Salesforce.org Features from 2020. This group will be talking about the new features and enhancements in the nonprofit Salesforce community. The topics range from gift entry, case management, grant management and many more.

Nonprofit Dreamin’ is ending the week with 2 days full of collaborations and education! This event starts at 9am (Central Time) in the United States (the UK and India have different times so make sure to check) and lasts a half day both days. With over 25 speakers and over a dozen sessions, there is content for all within the Salesforce ecosystem, even if you aren’t in the nonprofit sector! The event is being recorded for those of you who can’t make it and you need to register for the event, regardless if you can attend the day of.


Remember how last week we had so many events? Well I sure do. The Salesforce hosted events started with 3 Tips for Building a Strong Sales Forecast in 2021, where we got an accurate picture of what to expect for sales teams in 2021. Then in Elevating Your Faculty & Staff Experience we were provided with support models for remote teaching and how to deal with an influx of COVID-19 cases, regardless if staff and students are on campus or working remotely. We got more insights on Salesforce and TableauCRM in How Insurance Carriers Can Improve Distribution with Analytic & Insights. We got to help sales teams maximize revenue opportunities, create and maintain team alignment, clarify rep goals, and understand customer needs in Sell From Anywhere: How to Transform Account Planning with Salesforce Anywhere.

Then we had all of those community group events; 7 to be exact. A (January NPUG) Office Hours was hosted by the Seattle, WA Nonprofit User group. We got a recap of Dreamforce, Cactusforce, and Winter ’21 highlights in the Albuquerque, NM Admin groups Albuquerque Community Group Virtual Meeting / Winter ’21 Highlights and Salesforce Events Recap.

Portland, OR Marketer group had Pardot Resolution, which consisted of an open talk session to discuss your goals for using the platform this year. We learned more about Before Save Flows in Overview of Before Save Flows from Denver, CO Developer group. In Marketing Cloud Scripting and Templating Languages introduced us to AMPscript, SSJS, and Guide Template in Marketing Cloud from the Oklahoma City Marketer group. The Las Vegas, NV Admin group talked about the best Spring ’21 Releases in Third Thursday Coffee – New Year, New Goals, New Release. We ended our week with information about Tableau, TableauCRM and Einstein in the San Antonio, TX Admin groups Tableau or TableauCRM – What is Going on with Salesforce Analytics Platform? Tweet us @mkpartners and let us know your thoughts!

Also, make sure to let us know if you think there are any events worth mentioning and what event you are excited about this upcoming week. And, as always, we will see you in the cloud.

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