Transparency is a cornerstone of Oxylabs’ success. As a premium proxy provider, the company has to make sure that every client relationship is grounded in clear, trusted and seamless experiences.

However, Oxylabs’ rapid growth meant their internal processes had grown dispersed and siloed between multiple databases and different departments. As the company continued to expand, it got more difficult to collect and manage accurate customer data – and therefore harder to consistently make fully-informed strategic decisions.


One of the primary causes of this complexity was also one of Oxylabs’ greatest strengths – its network of trusted partnerships with major players with access to vast pools of valuable data. “Our data processes were just too vast and disparate to automate with our existing tools. We knew we needed an all-encompassing, cloud-based platform that’s easy for every team to use,” said Greta Alsyte, Oxylabs’ Head of Revenue Operations.

At the time, Salesforce wasn’t widely used in Lithuania – but that didn’t stop this particular Trailblazer. Due to a lack of local Salesforce specialists, Oxylabs initially built its own internal CRM system on a small-scale basis. It then implemented Sales Cloud for their sales reps, and the team soon began unlocking new potential from the platform’s features.

It quickly became clear there was more for Salesforce and Oxylabs to achieve together – adopting a larger scale plan meant the company could automate more processes across more departments through the power of low-code. “We love how Salesforce lets us customise and integrate complex “out of the box” options without developers,” said Alsyte. “Now we can build and automate processes that mesh with our growth strategy and continue to give clients a premium service.”

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