Catalina was a Spanish teacher when she heard about Supermums through a friend on a Facebook Group in 2017. Catalina enrolled in our Admin course in 2018 and recently studied on our Consultancy Skills course in January this year.
Create the appropriate profiles to meet the business requirements. Name the profiles after team names: Field Sales User, Inside Sales User, and Sales Executive User. Install the Trailhead Security superbadge managed package.
The phrase "new normal" is everywhere these days - both in our daily life and at work. This shift in the way the world operates will change the types of jobs needed and the ways businesses operate. When the economy starts to open up and businesses adapt to the new normal, the kind of jobs [...]
If you've spent even a few minutes dabbling in the world of sales, then you've probably come across some or all of the following terms: leads, pipelines, and funnels. Even though these terms don't actually refer to, say, laying down a gas pipeline or baking a cake, they can seem just as complicated - if not more so.
Project management creates unique challenges for professional services firms. The success - or lack thereof - of a single contract could have a profound effect on the fortunes and financial outlook of an organization. That is why project managers need to fine tune every operation to ensure