Every company has those tedious tasks that slow down their employees' day. These tasks include high-priority case notification, updating shipment statuses if they're delayed, and notifying an account owner of updates made by others. These are just some of the thousands of tedious processes that can be streamlined through Salesforce Process Builder.
Salesforce introduced its Cloud-based IoT Cloud platform, so as to offer the opportunity to its clients in a better understanding of the customer data. IoT has emerged as a buzzword in recent years. However, the Salesforce consulting companies are looking out for ways and means - to establish a connection between the data on the connected devices and the customer data.
Testing software application to ensure bug free quality product is the most profound commandment to live by for the entire IT industry. It sounds simple and straightforward, be assured it is not. A strict testing strategy has to be in place for delivering efficient and cost affective automation solutions for customers.
Many businesses are implementing new innovations and technologies with several key objective of improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, increasing productivity and profitability, and maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Many businesses are leveraging digital integration with their business applications via IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence in order to run a smarter and more efficient organization.
If you are not familiar with Salesforce Console yet, you are going to find this blog post worth your while. Already included in the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud license, Salesforce Console is a tab-based workspace suited for fast-paced work environments.