By Jennifer W. Lee | January 18, 2022 Get ready for Spring '22 I'm not much of a winter person. In fact, I'm always cold (BTW, I have all the heated products), so I'm okay with us fast-forwarding to warmer times by jumping to spring! Yes, folks.
You probably know how to build trust with your stakeholders, but do you know how to measure and quantify it? You're not alone if the answer is no. Most business leaders would agree that trust in all its forms - physical, digital, emotional, financial, and ethical - is critical, and would give themselves high marks across those dimensions.
Salesforce what is. It is a well-known cloud-based in American company that offers CRM services. It is famous for its CRM tool for support, sales, and marketing teams worldwide. Salesforce provides customer relationship management service, it also provides initiative requests focused on customer service, making automation, analytics, and application development.
The Salesforce sales cloud and the Salesforce service cloud are the top rankers and two main clouds of Salesforce. PSI has a dedicated team that is expert in Salesforce development, implementation & migration and offers valuable Salesforce consulting to different businesses.
After dreading, and delaying a couple of times, last week, finally, I mustered the courage to appear for the Marketing Cloud Administrator certification exam. And, oh yes, I managed to pass it on my first attempt. So, follow along on the 'Yellow Brick Road'! I've approximately 1.6 years of experience