(Bloomberg) -- Rates traders are starting to question the big short position that's built up in long-maturity Treasuries on the expectation of a Democratic sweep in next month's U.S. elections.In the market for options on Treasury futures, trades emerged in the past week that wager against a leap in volatility or a major breakout in yields heading into year-end.
In this post, we will implement the functionality to Send Custom Notification using Apex in Salesforce. This feature is introduced recently in the Winter '21 release. We can also send the Custom Notification using Process Builder in Salesforce. You can check the complete implementation for that .
Do you remember the days when storage was a big issue? Those times were so stressful. We used buy a 32 GB pen drive and that used to get full within no time. Then we used to buy external hard disk, which used to get full too. After massive changes...
Let's be honest. the contribution that salesforce has given to the to the CRM industry is unmatched. Nobody thought that a CRM would offer cloud offering, but here we are in 2020, where salesforce has moved into every business sector and acted as a revenue generator for small and big business owners.
Editor's note: Andrew outlines some of the key reasons to use CRM for financial advisors and provides his list of top 3 CRM platforms for financial services. And if you need help with choosing or implementing CRM software suitable for the financial services industry, consider ScienceSoft's CRM services .