It's no secret that sales is not an easy profession to be in. Things like how to qualify and generate leads, how to upsell to current customers, and how to manage their sales funnel are just some of the difficult tasks that salespeople have to overcome.
Freshworks CRM and SugarCRM are considered the best enablers of innovation across all 14 CRM systems evaluated by SoftwareReviews. Across the 14 vendors profiled, Service Experience is the most valued trait and the most differentiating aspect of respondents' relationships with their vendors.
Hello Trailblazers, Welcome to the third tutorial in JavaScript Tutorial Series by SFDC Stop. In this tutorial, we're going to learn about ES6 Fat Arrow Functions in JavaScript. We're going to start from the beginning and see how we can define a function in JavaScript and finally we'll reduce that function to a single line of code using Fat Arrow sytnax.
The push for a global set of ESG standards is bearing fruit. Bank of America (BAC), Mastercard (MA), (CRM), and IBM (IBM) are among 55 companies that will report on environmental, social, and governance metrics championed by the World Economic Forum and its International Business Council, according to a statement from the group.
Join us and discover the new Spring '21 Release features for admins and developers. We know each release brings with it lots of amazing, new functionality and there can be a lot to digest. With Learn MOAR, we're packaging the release and bringing it to you in an easy-to-digest format with blogs, videos, and moar.