Having read a fair share of blog posts about content marketing, it's rare that anyone dives into the basics of content management systems (CMS). You're told to aim high and do more with content, and to do so, will need a CMS. So let's take a very brief look at what a CMS is and why you need one.
Salesforce is an awesome CRM. Once implemented and adopted, it can have great results for your business. But are you confident that you're using all that Salesforce has to offer? A surprising number of organizations aren't. Just because Salesforce is up and running in your business doesn't mean your CRM project is complete.
By 2021, 40% of manufacturers will have undertaken a complete, factory-wide digital makeover, that will include more artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and blockchain. This digital transformation has major implications for the factory floor and associated supply chains and will impact the business side of manufacturing.
With a number of options in the market, our customers regularly ask us about the respective merits of a variety of CPQ tools. There are no clear winners or losers and no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to choosing the right CPQ application as considerations like the size of the enterprise, industry vertical and complexity of use cases and business processes all come into play.
It is not unusual to start a year (and, some argue, a decade) saying we need to do things differently, but there are a lot of things we need to do the same. Do we need to change the prevailing style...