Rules for #100DaysofTrailhead 2021

Are you ready to learn new skills,take your skills to the next level, learn to code, work on your #roadtocta, and/or build on the Salesforce platform for the #100DaysofTrailhead challenge starting 1/1/21?

  1. All participants must fill out the following forms: #100DaysofTrailhead Competition and the #100DaysofTrailhead 2021
  2. All #100DaysofLearning participants must register for Top Trailblazers under the 100DaysofTrailhead Community and sign up for the #100DaysofLearning 2021 event (instructions can be found here: ).
  3. Each participant spends 1 hour per day focused on building his/her/their Salesforce skills to support his/her/their overall Salesforce learning journey for a duration of 100 consecutive days. (Ideas: focus on the following skills: admin, developer, BA, consultant or architect, study and achieve certifications, #journeytoCTA, learn a new coding language, etc.)
  4. Tweet your daily progress. (Tweet format can be found here) *Tweeting is optional but highly encouraged. This is where participants will find community support.
  1. Your app can be created alone or in a team of 3 people.
  2. All participants must fill out the #100DaysofTrailhead Competition the #100DaysofTrailhead 2021 + the Tell Us About Your App Form 2021 that includes a short video pitch for your app (We will contact you to fill out the Tell Us About Your App Form near the end of the competition).
  3. All participants must complete the App Exchange Partner Basics badge and sign up to become a partner.
  4. Work on your app for a minimum of 1 hour every day for 100 days.
  5. Build an app that has the potential of going on the AppExchange with a clear business use case.
  6. Your app doesn’t have to be fully functional, but you have to be able to demo it so the judges can analyze the build.
  7. Your app has to be accessible to the judges via a Salesforce org. you can add them as a user, your own GitHub, or your own Heroku. (Apps you have built for your work will be disqualified.)
  8. For the purposes of judging this contest, your project must be deliverable as an unmanaged package. Keep in mind that your product will need to be a managed package in order to publish your solution on AppExchange.
  9. Tweet your daily progress (Tweet format: can be found here.). *Tweeting is optional but highly encouraged. This is where participants will find community support.
  10. Fill out the form that explains your app and links to your video demo.

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